Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hostage Situation

If I had the time, I would tell you all about why I don't have the time.

If I had the energy (and if a certain 3-year old hadn't just broken my new camera), I would upload photos for your viewing pleasure.

If I had the brain function, I would creatively write the socks off you. And your mother.

But I don't.


Because I am being held hostage by my new gym membership:

I go to bed too early to do anything fun.
I get up WAY too early.
I spend all day in a haze of drowsiness, just surviving until I can get a nap, after which I only survive until I can go to bed, at which time I wake up every hour because I know I have to get up.

If you hold the secret to leading a normal life WITH exercise, please let me know.


And nobody gets hurt.

*Please know that if I could muster up the gumption necessary, I'd work the whole "hostage" thing like you wouldn't believe. I love you that much. But for now, this is all I can do.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I gave up a long time ago.. My friend put it best when she said recently "Could all you healthy people tell me where all that 'natural energy' comes from? Either that or get me a Dr Pepper.."

You go girl.

Sharlee said...

That's sort of how I feel about my exercising escapade. It really messes with my schedule. And I am always ready for a nap when I'm done. Aren't I suppose to have more energy? Sorry, no secrets.
p.s. I guess we're not coming. Kimi's kids are sick. Poo!

The Kelly Variety said...

Keep up the good work! If I had a gym membership I wouldn't be held hostage. No, I'd just be paying for it every month with no benefit!

Rozel said...

Don't you just LOVE that sore feeling? You know you've had a good workout when you can't sit to 'P'!

You know after the initial bitterness and hatred towards the gym, it just kind of becomes life. It does take a significant amount of time. I don't know when I would fit the gym in if I had kids. Good luck to you!

Christy said...

ditto to everything you said. I have been working out almost every morning at 6am for many months now and I feel the same way...I haven't lost a single pound for two months now. I have hit that plateau and have literally become a zombie. The gym and I have a love-hate relationship. That's why I don't "blog" anymore. I just throw on some pictures with a description and call it good. Let me know when you find the secret!

Amber said...

Because I am in the know when it comes to this sort of thing, here's my 2 cents: STOP GOING IN THE FREAKIN MORNING DINGO. Obviously it is different for me because I get free childcare when I go, but drag those beasts with you. Seriously. Go at 9am. Then you get a free kid-less hour all to your lonesome and don't feel hammered the entire day. It makes me feel rejuvenated. I get home a bit after 10, shower, make lunch and poof, my morning is over. Not sure if that sort of schedule works for you, but even if it doesn't. For. The. Love. Stop going at the crack of dawn.

Lena said...

You go girl. I wish there were a secret, but lack of sleep equals tired days. I don't even get up early, and I still take a daily nap...that's right. i accomplish nothing during the typical day besides getting my children to and from school, doing a 38 minute torture session on the treadmill, and then the blissful 1 hour (if I am very lucky) nap with Walker. Don't ask me how the rest of the hours are filled up, because I couldn't tell you, but I think it might have something to do with my continuous eating.

Anonymous said...

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The United Statements of Merica said...

fake it till you make it! that's my creed. also, only go 3-4 time a week. you need a couple of days that you are in control of your schedule, that you feel like you accomplish something, and that you can be relaxed and in a good mood. and did I mention fake it till you make it? eventually it will work it's way into your "norm" I can't imagine you "acomplish" much with school aged kids (activities, lessons, homework, etc..), a toddler, and going to the gym. But you you need to spend your time doing things that are important to you.. cleaning doesn't leave much of a legacy, but it'll work it's way back into your schedule.. one more thing.. mornings that I drink swamp juice (named by my kids) I have a better work out.. maybe it would give me a boost of energy in the afternoon as well.. but I think you have to support your work out with nutrition. I just try to eat lot's of fruits and veggies along with all the crap that I hold so dear to my heart.. and arteries. it's way easier than giving it up.
hang in there..

swamp juice: (suprisingly not horible)

one pineapple
a little water maybe 1/3 cup

blend into juice

add a few handfuls of baby spinach, frozen brocolli florets (cheeper, easier, and better consistancy than fresh, but you can use fresh)

green bell pepper

I blend it REAL good!
I keep it in the fridge and it lasts me 3-4 days, but I think i'm going to try a glass at about 4 in the afternoon and see if it gives me a boost of energy.

and of course, take any advice.. especially mine, with a grain of salt

The United Statements of Merica said...

I just read AMbers comment, and I totally agree! you'll find all the encentive you need if you get an hour to your self mid morning. the idea is to improve the quality of your life.