Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll Bet You Think This Blog is About Me

You guys are unrelenting. I never said skinny jeans look GOOD on me. I only said, and I believe my exact words were, "I get it."

They just look like regular jeans when you pull boots over them, only they don't bunch and feel weird. I thought it was a great discovery, because I (like most of you silly commenters) didn't think that I (large hind quarters and all) could wear them! They are a great alternative to my almost-invented new invention: thigh warmers.

I am of the mind that in these cold winter regions, it is silly to even wear pants at all. Most of my coats come down below my rear end, and my boots come up to my knees, practically. So, all that anyone sees of pants is the small portion between knee and saddle bag. I don't like to spend money on jeans that no one can even see, so I was about to invent the thigh warmer. Much like the leg warmer, it would wrap around only a small section of leg. I had to put my inventing on hold when no solution could be found to keep the thigh warmer from shifting, exposing skin to the dangers of frost bite.

But now I needn't bother my mind with such things, cause skinny jeans are my new best friend. I even have a "st ends" half-heart necklace to prove it. And you, yes YOU, should consider getting yourself a pair. I would reiterate my sentiment that they should only be worn with boots, only I have lately been contemplating the possibilities of skinny jeans + short dresses + high heels. I think I might try it come spring.

COME, spring!

Also, I hesitate to post pictures of myself. It makes me feel (everyone say it with me now) so vain. And self-conscious. That said, I must address the many requests to see a picture, not to mention the blackmailing tendencies of my cousin, Rindee, who vowed to boycott my blog if I didn't post one! I will NOT stand idly by as my blog is boycotted. It would be irresponsible.

Skinny jean strut

Skinny jean chorus line

Skinny jean Super Woman pose

Skinny jean + girl

Now look what you've done! I'll bet you wish you hadn't asked to see pictures, don't you?

Don't you?

Don't you?

p.s. Carly Simon wore skinny jeans. Erie, isn't it?

p.s.s. Quickly, let's think of something else for me to write about so that this atrocity won't be on here for long. Here are options:
1. my new orange cabinet thing
2. everything I know about pistachios
3. a sad story about never eating sugar again
4. how to drink a gallon of water per day without drowning


Amber said...

I need those boots. Right now. Seriously, take them off your stinkin cute body and hand them over. Or at least tell me where you bought them so I can copy you. Because I'm a copycat. I'm fine admitting that I'm not my own person. If it gets me those boots. I am on a boot hunt. But I am sooo picky. So picky. But I love those. And you and your skinny jeans are a match made in heaven (skinny girl heaven obviously).

ps. You are a frickin riot. Geesh.

sharlee said...

The grip you have on Samera's arm shows me how happy you are to model skinny jeans. Cute boots, jeans, girl(s), bracelet, sweater, dresser, and post! Please tell us the sad story about never eating sugar again. Maybe it will cheer me up...

Del said...

Ha ha Ha! You seriously make me smile girl! Love IT!! I vow to you this day I WILL wear Skinny jeans when I lose 25 lbs. and will ONLY wear them with BOOTS! Thanks for my new vision of cuteness coming my way. he he he! No sugar??? Tell me it isn't so.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

Now that I have updated myself on the rules of skinny jeans I feel a bit better about them. I, too, have always felt that they were a no-no. But you ROCK those jeans! What do you mean "thunder thighs"? Seriously. I'm not seeing those. I love the boots too! Plus, I really love the cabinet in your background! Color makes me so happy!

Rindee said...

Boycot lifted.

I did stay true to my oath, though, so I was happy to see this post in my blog reader along with a small picture. Hoping to be able to see the photo without my magnifying glass, I clicked on your blog and had to pull out my magnifying glass once again.

Your attempts at avoiding a "vainous" blog by posting miniscule pictures of yourself were in "vain" because to see them properly, I clicked on them which made them so large that I couldn't fit the whole thing on my computer screen at once. Ha ha ha! Your plans have been FOILED!

Needless to say, you did a tasteful job not getting skin-tight skinny jeans and you look flawless and stylish in them. My favorite one is the last one where I can see your beautiful face as well as the stylish skinny-jean repertwahr.

Emily said...

U R A Q T.

I want to hear about the orange & the sugar.

Emily said...

P.S. I wish I knew how to shop.

Marianne said...

Ha! I love it! You are so beautiful, in every silly pose! My favorite was the one with you and Samara. Precious!

I vote for everything you know about pistachios. That sounds very enlightening.

Christy said...

LOL! I love the poses! I am sold. I want a pair now! You should advertise for their jeans, they would get a lot more business. And I love the boots too.

Rozel said...

Ahhh . . .you are too cute! Do I spy the orange piece of furniture?!?!? I do love it.

Amy Jason said...

I am currently on a mission for some cute skinny jeans, so I need some details. Where did you find those, because they are really cute. I bought the cutest boots and haven't been able to wear them yet, because I need some skinny jeans. So do tell!! Love your poses. I see your cute orange cabinet in the background. Does that mean it is finished! I love it and I want it!