Monday, March 22, 2010


I hate excuses. Why is it never enough for someone to just say, "Nope. I didn't do it. Sorry."? Most people feel compelled to explain WHY they didn't do suchandsuch. What most people don't understand is that I don't CARE why (unless there was a death, birth, or injury, in which case I do need some info in order to supply appropriate sympathy/congratulations/advice/ understanding/meals). I challenge you to NOT make an excuse the next time you forget to do something. I will warn you that you will be tempted to excuse yourself. You will have to bite your tongue, but the awkward silence will be SOOOoooo worth it.

On that note, the following are a few reasons I have been neglecting you:

#1. We let our children each pick out a chick at the ranch store. I picked one, too. We now own four baby chickens. They live in our basement in a big plastic bin, and I spend an exorbitant amount of my time looking at chicken coop designs online.

The Ladies, one day old: I named mine, "Squawk" (but Samera heard, "Squat," so now that's its name), Saylor's is, "Fluff-Ball", Sylas went with, "Toot-Blackie", and...

#2. Samera named her chick, "Pecker". We are going to call her, "Peck," for short. The good news is that it doesn't sound like the "F" word, like our old rabbit's name.

"Peck", one week old. So sad that they already have that gawky teenage look. They grow up so fast. No, seriously. They do. I swear we could SEE them grow if they would hold still for a few seconds.

#3. I have been conducting a vigorous parenting study in my spare time. In a sudden, inspired moment of said study, I "bonked" the girls' heads together to get them to quit fighting. It DID get their attention. It DIDN'T cure their bickering. Check that one off the list of possible disciplinary solutions. Dang it. Back to the drawing board. (no picture. sorry)

#4. Ty's Grandpa died last week, and now our children's prayers are the sweetest, funniest part of our day, as they try to sort out the great confusion of death. (you have to admit that funeral customs are odd, if not flat-out bizarre)

Sy, sporting his late Great-Grandfather's fishing hat (which ended up being buried with its original owner. It's a long story, and by "a long story," I mean one I can't currently write about with any amount of charity, but it'll come eventually I'm sure...oh, why, oh, why am I such a brat?).

#5. The last three days have provided me with the two most embarrassing moments of my life. These, mere hours after confiding in my sisters that I haven't had any "most embarrassing moments...not really." When will I learn to shut my trap? Fate loves me. (no pictures. be thankful. Also, never fear, because I am almost certain that these tales will debut in future blog posts)

#6. Last weekend was Sister Weekend. It's an event celebrated, each spring, with a getaway for all the sisters (and sisters-in-law) in my family. And it's fun. You should be jealous. This year Granddaughters over the age of 14 (cause things get a little CRA.Z when we all get together...PG-14-crazy...I guess?) were also invited. Saylor is not 14. She is not even 10. But she wanted to go with me, and I am just a little suspicious that her wanting to spend time with me may not last until she's 14, so I happily obliged. (I DID have a picture of this, but it wouldn't cooperate, and I am out of patience, and it's late, and I have to get up early for spinning in the morning, and my mouse is dysfunctional, and I still need to eat some caramel-filled chocolates before I brush my teeth, and ...)

Anyone want to bring me a casserole?


Sharlee said...

I was wondering when you were going to get to blogging. It was a fun update even though I knew most of it (I even know your most embarrassing moments but can't wait for you to tell the world on your blog). So fun to see you yesterday! Have a greeeeaaat day and RELAX.

Tell me...what made you write about not making excuses for not getting something done? Let's hear it, Sister.

Sandra Powell said...

You always make me laugh. I can't wait to hear the next chapter. We should all have at least one embarrassing moment in our life. I know I do, and though I will never share it with a single soul, it helps me in the empathy department.

Rindee said...

How fitting that all your "excuses" actually fit perfectly into the "blog entry" category. I wish all my excuses were so productive.

I'm glad to see your chicks are still alive after your un-confidence about your animal raising skills. All our chicks are still alive as well, and it was such a nice day yesterday I let them outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa in law. It sounds like it really was the last time this time.

I must confess that since I've been home from our little weekend together I've been re-thinking my interior design. I can't get these wheels in my head to stop stinker.

Michelle said...

I just love your blog post! They are so much fun.

I really want to hear about your embarrassing moments as I have one every day. For example during my book club it dawned on me that the boy and man in "The Road" were wearing masks so that they wouldn't breath in the ash. NOT to be scary - as I thought (I am an airhead).

I would bring you a casserole but I can't even cook for myself.

P.S. I am glad you call the chicken "Peck" without the "er".

The United Statements of Merica said...

I hate excuses too! I really try not to make them when I'm appologizing.. which seems to be pretty often.

I'm always on the look out for good parenting tips, but i must say that i haven't been able to top the program we're using now.. seriously revolutionary!!

James J. Jones "Let's Fix the Kids" It's hard to find, kind of expensive ($180 for 16 cd's and books) But totally worth it! His philosophy is that we train our kids to drive us crazy, Kids need to be independent.. so much good information, concrete ideas, psychology, lds perspective, really entertaining.. let's just say my daughter is ASKING me to set the timer for her to practice the piano now, and getting up and totally ready for school by her self on time.. room and bathroom cleaned. That might not be a big deal to you, but it's amazing how much effort it is to get crappy results and how little effort it is to get good ones, but the biggest plus is that i get to be nicer, not nag or be emotionally involved anymore. The system provides consequences, not me.

*my favorite: Maid service.. kids pay who ever cleans up after them or who ever does their chores. I told the kids that who ever didn't flush the toilet has to pay the person who flushes it for them, and there is never an unflushed toilet in our house.. I know..

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.. sorry to be annoying.

Marianne said...

That was very fun- as always.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been blogging.

Christy said...

As ALWAYS I love your thoughts and I am glad you share them on this blog for our benefit. Can't wait to hear these embarrassing moments. haha! Thanks for the laugh.

We just got back from three weeks down in St. George Utah, so I haven't been on the computer all but twice since leaving. I got lots to share in the next few days. Mostly boring stuff though.

奕玲 said...

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