Monday, March 29, 2010

'Round The Outside

My washing machine quit working last Friday.

Actually, it broke Thursday night, but I turned it off and went to bed, hoping that if I pretended it was fine, it would heal itself by morning. Ty laughs at me for my "leave it alone and it will be okay" philosophy, but it really DOES work sometimes. I like to call it faith, except that I won't even acknowledge malfunctioning items in prayer, for fear the negative attention will only worsen the condition, so maybe it's more denial than faith.

Are you still reading this? I'm not.

By Saturday afternoon (but only after Ty tore it limb from limb and deemed it destroyed), I had finally come around to the fact that I needed a new washer. One that would spin, preferably. We loaded up the entire family and went shopping. Why? Because we needed an adventure. And it doesn't get any more adventurous than that! Besides, just in case the salesman had any question about how I wanted my washer to whirl and shake and get down, I had three willing demonstrators at my fingertips, who also doubled as evidence of my need for a heavy duty cleaning device.

The new contraption is being delivered this Thursday. Did I say Thursday? Obviously the salesman doesn't have kids. Or clothes.

But did we stop there? Oh no, my friend. We went directly from there to the vacuum store. I was flinching even as Ty opened the door for me, expecting nothing short of catastrophic chaos from my children. I prepared myself for the worst, quickly doing a mental scan of the contents of my purse for distractions. Shoot! Anyone want a chewed piece of gum stuck between two old receipts? Luckily I had an arsenal of promises ready: ice cream, candy, the moon. If they would just be quiet and not touch anything, I'd give my right arm. Turns out, the vacuum store is more fun than the zoo! I didn't have to make a single threat. They sat so still and polite on the sofa provided and watched demonstration after boring demonstration, that I had a hard time watching the salesguy instead of my kids. It was amazing. We figured there must be some sort of magic in them thar vacuums, and THAT is why they are so expensive. So we bought one.

I'm hoping the vacuum will continue to have a hypnotic influence over our children.

So far, it has proven effective as a dance partner for Ty. And if all I get out of it is one brief do-si-do-style cleaning session from him, it will have been worth it. So worth it.

When we got home, and before we went out to ice cream (yeah, I didn't promise, but I felt so guilty for making my children sit through sales pitches all day), the kids rode their bikes around and around. And around. Ty took Saylor that morning to pick out a new bike, so of course then he had to spend the rest of the morning fixing the little kids' bikes (blasted flat tires), so they wouldn't be left out. Ty is really excited about Saylor's bike. Saylor is really excited about the "free" water bottle they threw in with the deal.

No, she loves the bike, too. But she would have loved one that we dug out of a dumpster (quite possibly where her old one came from...). That girl is not picky. Which is why we finally took pity on her.

My, my. Aren't my blog posts turning rather traveloguish? Too bad for you I don't travel. Except to the appliance store.



Sharlee said...

No tears here. I love your blog no matter what adventures you choose to share. Glad you got a vacuum and a bike for Saylor and a washing machine! Geez. All your dreams are coming true. Save some of that gum for ME because I don't have enough chewed gum between receipts in MY purse!

Sandra Powell said...

Oh you Orton girls do make me laugh. I'm with you on the "ignore the problem and maybe it'll work next time" way of thinking. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time. At least you can put on your dancing shoes and enjoy those do-si-dos while they last.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the new purchases. Sometimes I use the leave-it-alone-and-it-will-work method with my husband, sometimes it works - beats nagging, I guess. :) And, yes, euphemisms are in full force.

Emily said...

So... what kind of vaccuum did you get - I need a new one. & what kind of washer did you get? I don't need a new one, but I want to know! What else is blogging for if not to share mundane detes? ;) Love you!

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

Oh I miss reading your blog! I really have been mia in the blog world! Ya know, if you take your kids to vacuum stores instead of the zoo for spring break, you could save a lot of money (unless you buy a new vacuum each time you go).
I also have to say that I think you're such a good person for putting that gum in your purse..... I put mine in a coaster and smushed it shut, and set it on the table tonight. I then had to apologize to my friend when she tried to figure out why her coaster was folded in half...... note to self *old receipts in purse*. I hope you (and your cute family) enjoy your new purchases!!!

Mardee Rae said...

I love vacuums. I love bikes, and I love the idea of one of those newer-than-1980 washers that are probably much more effective than the old guys. I hope you are relishing. And I don't believe that I could ever ever ever again take a day like that with all three kids and not destroy at least one point of interest (probably the vacuum store). Your kids must be amazing.

Michelle said...

Yay for vaccuums and washers! Today is Thursday - are you doing laundry?

Velvet Over Steel said...

I love appliance and vacuume purchases over travel adventures actually. I'm very practicle, and never had much of a choice with 3 boys and being a single parent. LOL Found your blog through Amber's and love it!! Following you and your adventures now!
Happy Easter!

Christy said...

I have missed out on some great washer, vacuum and bike?? Lucky girls! Oh and you don't even want to know what's going on in my's so bad, I am embarrassed for myself.