Tuesday, April 6, 2010

.15 Minutes

Today was orthodontist day.

Which means we all woke up late and had to skip breakfast to get to the office in time. Sy realized this blunder as I screeched out of our subdivision, children still scrambling for their seat belts. I promised them breakfast after the visit, and reminded them to sit still and be quiet so I could listen to the doctor's golden nuggets of wisdom:

"Mother Nature is a pretty good orthodontist. Not as good as us, but she's a lot cheaper, so we'll let her do her thing for as long as possible."

Seriously? That's awesome. I needed some good news. Suddenly I am in love with Dr. Johnson.

Anyway, half an hour later we were all smiles and on our way to McDonalds for breakfast. Do you know how much I dislike McDonalds? Someday I'll write a haiku about it, but you'll just have to take my word for it today: I hate McDonalds. It makes me want to throw up.

But it was the quickest route, and I needed to get Shumi to school, ASAP.

As the employee handed us our food, she told my children to smile a lot and act excited about eating because there was a camera crew right behind us filming a commercial.


I found a booth behind a plant and hurried my children through their respective gut-wrenching "breakfasts." No child of mine will ever be seen on a commercial for McDonalds! Arby's? Yes. Burger King? Maybe.

Never Mikky-D's.

But just in case you hear strained whispers of, "Hurry up...don't look over there...let's go!" and see a flash of pink in the background of the newest McDonalds ad, you'll know it was me and my pink scarf. And my children.


p.s. When I pulled up to the school building to drop off the late child, she informed me that she was going to throw up. Sweet. So I had to drag everyone inside to tell the secretary that I WAS going to check my child in late, but that NOW I was there to say that she would not be in school today. Guess I was right about McDonalds all along. I knew it!



Sandra said...

Oh I hate McDonalds too. Every time I eat there I feel sick afterward. I don't know why I ever go back but once in a while I get sucked in because it is literally 1/8 of a mile from my house and it's cheap and easy. Hope everyone feels better.

Heidi said...

You make me laugh. You are so good at wording things. Hope your day goes better.

Sharlee said...

What an ADVENTURE! I bet you did all of that before I even climbed out of bed this morning (at 9:30). Your life is so exciting! Orthodontists, commercials, throw up... Has Saylor thrown up? Yuck.

仲亨仲亨 said...


Christy said...

I hate McDonald's too! I would rather eat anywhere but there. Sounds like a crazy morning!
And that is a way cute picture of your kids!
p.s. you know Chinese??

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Can't wait to see you on the big screen :) I don't hate McDonald's, but it does definitely leave me with a sick feeling in my heart.. I hope Saylor's feeling better!

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

I can't wait to tell my friends about my famous cousins scarf! Sooo gonna be watching for that! :) Ironically disturbing that Saylor got sick. Hope she feels better.

Michelle said...

Ha! I think that if I knew they were filming a commercial I might have eating in the parking lot :) I do like McDonalds cinnamon thingy's and I like the cheeseburgers (in that order).

P.S. do you ever translate the chinese writing on your blog? I think I need to know what they are saying.

Sandra said...

Ooh, I want to see your mirror collage wall, silhouette collage wall, and plate collage wall when they are done! By the way, do you ever check your gmail? I'm still waiting to hear what your favorite paint is. xoxo