Saturday, April 24, 2010

And Fancy Was Our Name-O

The Mr. and I routinely make fancy plans.


Like, tonight we planned to put the kids to bed and then run to the market for root beer float ingredients and swing past the movie rental establishment for a flick. It sounded so romantic and wild. We wiggled our eyebrows at each other over dinner in a suggestive fashion, because it was so exciting and fancy.

Then we all gathered 'round the x-box for a fishy game tournament, followed by temper tantrums, teeth brushing, pajamas, prayers, Twinkle Star, hugs, kisses, "I have to go potty"s, drinks, chap stick, and bed.

We had to divide to conquer. So I waited at the top of the stairs for him and smiled at his slow assent. We sighed in unison as I took his hand and led him into the kitchen to watch me tidy up. Then, right on cue, he uttered the words, "So, you're going to rent us a movie tonight, huh?"

"Yeah, you are," I replied.

"O.k., go ahead," he countered.

I felt him grin at the back of my head, and I returned the look right into the dishwasher I was loading.

Then he went downstairs, I heard television voices and the chair go into recline mode, and I sat down at the computer.



Sandra said...

Well I hope you at least had some fancy cookies while you surfed! I just love reading your posts. It's my dose of...I guess you could call it reality blogging. You're my favorite celebrity family and I get to see into your perfectly imperfect life as you wittily weave your tales of woe. If I remember correctly, there was a promise of an embarrassing moment story given a few months ago. Did I miss it?

Annette said...
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Sharlee said...

That IS pretty fancy--sounds about like our fancy nights. By the time kids are tucked into bed the sparks have flown away and all the energy with it. "Least you didn't sulk. You shared it in your ever-so-clever way and made me smile. See? You CAN blog about nothing. Works every time. Love the picture of Samera and Sylas.

Sharlee said...

Sorry. That was me that posted and deleted but I was signed into Mom's account and so I had to start over lest you thought Mom was commenting on your blog.
The good news is that I've taken up three comments now so you can start thinking about you next blog cuz it won't be long til you reach 10!

Whitney said...

That is one of Dave's favorite words! He just said tonight he fancied a COKE - but like your little family it looks like we have the same nightly routine especailly don't forget the chapstick on my kids' dry red lips! We're Xcited Tyrone is in the bishopric - We fancy that!I bet you don't fancy it quite that much. (A husband gone due to his church obligations) Also LIKE the ghetto chicken coop. YOu Martha Stewart ! You should check out Sis. Gardner's coop with her 60 HENS! We buy eggs from her.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

So fancy :) Greatest. Funniest. Best looking. Couple. Ever.

Amber said...

We go on HOT, as in H.A.W.T. kind of hot, dates. They usually consist of me getting all fancied up (changing out of yoga pants), followed by a romantical dinner at a 5 star restaurant (Panda Express gets their 5 star rating from my 5-yr-old in case you were wondering) and topped off with a trip to the grocery store for some bread & eggs. We ware wild like that. We should be friends.

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

hahaha I can hear the recliner so clearly in my head! Did you at least have a rootbeer float at the computer? Please tell me you have stalked up on bendy straws for that very purpose!
Oh and I am soooo glad that you got the talons remark! And David Archuleta ALMOST won American Idol last year.... he came in second..... and is from Utah, so a big deal here :)

Marianne said...

Oh, how I love your writing! Your wit is just so wonderful!

Michelle said...

Sounds good and relaxin'! I love evenings like that with my hubby! I don't gussy up even when the hubster and I go out. I am so sick of work cloths by the time I get home that I throw on my jeans, t-shirt and baseball cap. Hey, if I am payin' the "fancy" establishment who cares what I look like!

Christy said...

LOL! Sounds just like my husband and I. Love the description of the recliner going up.