Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dia de Los Tres

Let's take a moment to commemorate the number three, on this, the third day of my blogging challenge:


It is the number between 2 and 4.

It is the number of miniature candy bars I can eat in under a minute (without choking...okay, who are we kidding, I always choke).

It is the amount of children I have.

It is also the number of chickens I own, and eggs I collect every day.

It is the amount of cars we drive.

It is the number of pillows per couch in my living room.

it is how many scarves are hanging in my entryway.

Three is what I count to when I'm too lazy to follow through with discipline (because, seriously, why do kids get three's just two more opportunities to destroy something, be obnoxious, and make you more angry)

I have three names: first, maiden, last.

My husband has three jobs.

3 is the number of decades I have been alive,

and the number of rootbeer bottlecaps I ate this morning.

I have three brothers.

Three is the number of large exercise machines we have in our basement.

And, coincidentally, three is also the number of exercise machines we never use.

We have owned three pet rabbits.

Three rabbits have met with accidental death under our ownership.

3 is how many tacos I always order at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

My youngest child is 3.

3 year-olds are so much harder than 2 year-olds.

(which is why the saying needs to be changed to "The Terrible Threes")

Three is the number of times I have wanted to slap my 3 year-old today.

But three is also the number of times I have kept my hands to myself today.

Now you tell me: what has three done for YOU?


Sharlee said...

LOVE it. You make three sound so special and important. I wonder how important three is to me. I might have to think about it... if I have three minutes.

Darcee/Daryl said...

I was thinking....I'll blog 3 also. Then I thought, maybe I'll pull another number out of a hat...literally....and blog about it. wish me luck.

Amber said...

3 is the number of bowls of Cocoa Puff I considered having this morning. 3 is the number of minutes I worked out today because I was feeling kinda meehh. 3 is the number of times we have watched Eloise at the Plaza in the last 2 days. 3 is the number of pounds I gained over last weekend when my whole family came into town (okay so it really was 4, but it didn't work for your little game!). 3 is the number of seasons I have watched So you Think You Can Dance and 3 is the number of finalist I wanted to vote for on last night's finale but was too lazy to find the phone to actually follow through with.

That's all I've got.

I'm so excited about tomorrow.

So excited!

Stephanie said...

There are 3 in my family.
I'm awake 3 hours after what I would like to be my bedtime.
I have 3 sisters.
Times ten = How many minutes I practiced 2 measures of music (Rachmaninoff! Blast him and his 12- fingered hands...not really).
How many children I hope to have one day.
And probably, 3 too many 3-comments than anyone cares to read.

Michelle said...

You can ONLY eat three miniature candy bars in under a minute??? You need more practice ;o)

What has three done for me? Hmm. . .

3 is the number of minutes I allow myself a pity party (down from 5)
3 is the number of food items in my refrigerator and cupboard.
3 months ago is the last time I went grocery shopping (ok so I exaggerate)
3 is the number of miles I run without complaining (anymore than that get 3 min pity parties per mile)
3 is the number of sisters I have.
3 is the average number of years I stay in one place (It’s been 2.5 years – there is change in the wind)
I have 3 bedrooms, 3 car garage, 3 tvs, 3 tables, 3 beds, 3 wine glasses, 3 bowls (I break things)

I could probably go on forever . . .