Monday, September 6, 2010

Fair Weather Friend

Today was a perfect day.

The weather was exquisite, the company was extraordinary (Ty had the day off and spent it all with the kids and I), and I didn't have to make breakfast or lunch (when Ty's home, he takes care of do you see why I will live in a tent if it means he has more time with his family?).


We went to The Eastern Idaho State Fair. It's a huge deal around here, because there is nothing else to do. From the looks of it, people spend the entire year shopping for the perfect outfit(s) to wear, and have special fair savings accounts from which they draw copious amounts of money just to eat turkey legs, funnel cakes, and caramel apples (because we all know that food cooked in a tiny trailer with flies buzzing around and boy scouts thumbing every inch is worth twenty times its usual amount).

My favorite part of the fair (aside from repeatedly exclaiming over how crowded it is, of course) is watching people. It's the best kind of sport: it's free; it doesn't require one to sweat - or move; and it makes me laugh. Mostly because I'm kind of rude and judgmental. But face the facts: if you're not a little rude and judgmental, what's the point of watching people? See? I have a point. You know I do.

Yep, watching people and visiting the fine art entries. Those are the two must-do's every year.

(Samera posing beneath her portrait last year)

Well, those things AND cotton candy. It just wouldn't be right to come home from a day at the fair without blue-stained fingernails and lips (and strands of hair).

Unfortunately, this year my children would not be convinced that the rides they saw in the distance were not part of the fair (I think they were coached beforehand by mischievous cousins, because they wouldn't take no for an answer). Dang it. So we dug deep into their college funds to let them go on one 30 second ride each. Hopefully it was the highlight of their life (and thank GOODNESS it didn't collapse and kill us all, as I am always convinced fair rides will do), because now no one's getting any higher education around here. They might all have to be Carnies instead. But at least they'll have free dangerously portable rides for life.

Then we got root beer ice cream and came home.

This post is making me sound like a stick-in-the-(fair)mud. Which I am.

But today was actually a perfect day.

*I left my camera home this year, because (and I can't believe I have not told you this before, it is so fascinating) my little one broke, and I cannot lug my big one everywhere I go. Especially the fair (which I am convinced counts for at least twelve marathons-worth of walking). Thus, all pictures are from last year's fair experience.


Sharlee said...

HaaaHaaaa! I feel the same way about fairs. My kids thought they wanted to go this year but I reminded them that they didn't. I think what they meant was that they wanted to go on the rides and eat the food, but that's not what we go to fairs for. We go to look at the animals.... and the people.

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

I'm with you on fair rides and food. Although we did purchase a shaved ice this year and bought the 10 ticket package because we went during the last 4 hours and every ride was only 1 ticket! I guess my argument that we aren't riding any rides because they aren't safe won't be as effective next time around. Do you think my 11 year old will believe that the rides are only SAFE during the "only 1 ticket per ride" time slot?

Michelle said...

What a lovely day! I never understood why my mom wouldn't ride with us on any of the rides. Now thatI am old I totally understand why she wouldn't ride on any of the rides. Now why would she let us? Hm. . . .

Mardee Rae said...

OMJ (jonas)! I just had the same fair thoughts... only a weekend before. You should try people watching in Arkansas, if it's your sport! I was seriously like, "how do all these people I'm judging so harshly and figure they can't have more than an 8th grade education afford all these rides, funnel cakes, and beverages?"
You are so funny. Who painted that portrait of Samera?

The United Statements of Merica said...

yeah who painted that?? It's beautiful. And you are soooooo funny! We never go to the fair in Ca, because it's in sacramento, there are about a million people, and it's usually over 100 degrees.. But if i were in a state like ID or AK, I'd totally go. How I long for a small(er) town life. And if I lived near you, we could have our own competitive human spectator team. I really am good at it and it's my favorite. Damian is a near flawless judge of charactor and I like to get his imput.

Christy said...

Lol. We also got to "experience" the many things the fair offers this year. Paying way too much for everything just so I can say, "I took my kids to the fair, aren't I a good mom." haha!