Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adrenalin: Writing it Out

Does it make you shaky? It does me (if keyboards were pens, this would be illegible).

Does it make you cry when you try to talk? It does me.

Does it make you pace your house (but only in the parts where you have blinds that are drawn) with the phone, wondering what to do? It does me.

Does it keep you from enjoying the really good book you've been waiting to read for an entire year? It does me.

Does it finally convince you to call the police (but only after a quick prayer that you will NOT be a baby and start blubbering...again)? It does me.

Does it start to ebb, leaving you feeling like a complete ninny, and like you've just wasted everyone's tax dollars, asking for a patrol car to 'trol the neighborhood? It does me.

But you can call me crazy all you want.

Cause the guy that showed up on my doorstep at 9:00 p.m. to gather my "opinion on certain products" was creepy (rotten teeth were the least of his worries).

And he was trying to hand me something in a very awkward, so-I-couldn't-tell-what-it-was way.

And when I backed up (positioning myself to shut my door) and said I wasn't interested, a car across the street honked at him, and he ran off.

And my husband wasn't home.

And I ran from door to door, locking every one.

And I called my neighbor, just to see if the guy had come to her house, and then inadvertently burst into tears, then assured her that I did not need her husband to come over, because I was just fine.

And she called me back and told me to call the police.

And I did.

And I was talking to my other neighbor (whose husband works for the Sheriff's department) when the police called me back to get my "report".

So then she called me back to make sure everything was okay.

And so now it is a large scale neighborhood drama, with me headlining as the big fraidy cat, fruit basket-upsetter.

I am feeling more sheepish by the minute, as the adrenalin seeps out my fingers and into this post.

Because I am not that girl. (the one who gets scared, the one who calls neighbors, the one who calls police, and especially the one who her NEIGHBORS)

How will I live this down?

Guess it's time to move.

And it's all Adrenalin's fault.


Debbie and Boys said...

I had no clue you were taking this post where you did. You got my adrenalin running!
The way you tell - I would have called the police. You know the radio show..."and now you know the rest of the story"? Well, you don't what those guys were up to. You don't know what your response to them told them not to try. GOOD for you for taking initiative. I bet ya you had angels watchin' over you.
Holy Cow...glad you feel foolish instead of terrified for weeks and months considering something else. I'd take that any day!

Sharlee said...

Yikes! I almost called you when I read your facebook post lastnight to get the scoop, but it was 10:00 and I thought maybe your husband was home by then. That's spooky. Really spooky. Stupid guy.

Stephanie said...

I would have done the same thing. I'd like to think I'd remain calm in a situation like that, but you just never know, do you? I guess when it's just you and three young children and some creepy guy, that kind of screws up any preconceived ideas of how you would react. Your neighbors understand, I'm sure - after all, they're parents, too, right?

Amber said...

So this one time this strange guy shows up on my doorstep with a box of "complimentary" baking soda. He says he will give it to me just for giving him my opinion. My husband walked up and slammed the door in his face. I was pretty upset with him for being so rude when he explained to me they had launched an investigation at work into a group casing houses by doing that very same thing. They sit in your living room (or even stand in your doorway) getting your opinion that they care nothing about, all the while looking at your valuables and your house layout/alarm system, etc.

You absolutely did the right thing and the smart thing. Don't question your gut or your instinct. That's what helps keep us safe. Give adrenalin a thank you and a big fat kiss!!!

Del said...

Oh my! Scary! Glad everything is alright. I don't answer the door when B isn't home. Too many creepy people out there. The kids know the drill too. One time I called my neighbor at 5 am to come over cause someone was in my backyard and B wasn't home. He jumped the fence with a baseball bat in hand landing in mud and my dog jumped all over him. Ya no one was there. BUT- my gut told me I needed help and it's nice to have others watching over you like you have. Don't move- feel special they are so willing to help and so close. Makes a good story too :).

The United Statements of Merica said...

You deffinately did the right thing! that is so creepy. I know what you mean though. I HATE when I cry infront of others. HATE HATE HATE it and avoid it at all cost. I called the cops on a creepy guy at the park once. he kept checking the girls bathroom and circling the park on his bike.. anyway, That's what the police are here for.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Ewwwwww. Gross. You go girl. I bet the cops were THRILLED to have something to investigate..

Michelle said...

Ummm. . .that IS creepy. You should call the police and NOT feel guilty. I don't answer my door at all after dark if my hubster isn't home. Which means my MIL just goes and peeks through all the windows and bangs on them as I am lying on my belly on the floor behind the couch.

Whitney said...

Andrea+ I had no idea this happened so ALL of your neighbors don't think you are psycho. I LOVE that you are so much like me, except way cuter and gifted with words. Infact each time I get the rare occasion (like at 5:55 in the morning after nursing my baby) to read your blog- I LOVE how normal you are. I have a lesson learned story like this with door to door salesmen. I am so NAIVE! This freaky guy didn't make it down my street. But his discription sounds like the yummy meats guy that has come knocking 2 times- cigarette smoke so heavy to knock you over. Sorry about the experience.............