Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week

This week is Ty's birthday.

This week I cannot spend a red cent. Not even a pink one.

(or blue either, so don't even think about it)

Any ideas?


Sharlee said...

Make him his favorite cooked salsa? Skip town with your sisters? Uhhhhh... that's about all I have.

I love that picture.

Sandra {sawdust and paper scraps} said...

Well this is really mooshy but last year, when Wes turned 40, I wrote him a list of 40 things I love about him.

I had to start months in advance to make sure I could think of 40 whole things but you and your witty wordy self could come up with a list of {how many?} items no problem- I'm sure!

Michelle said...

Make coupons
Make him dinner (This is a rare occerance at my house so my husband would jump for joy)
Take him on a picnic

I am terrible at ideas.

The United Statements of Merica said...

My husband considers me not spending money on anything a gift, not to mention his line between need and want is very blurred and faded, so if he wants it, he needs it.. so he gets it. anyway it's hard to come up with a gift for someone who doesn't need/want anything accept for you not to spend $$. It seems like I should have a couple of ideas for you, but i'm drawing a blank. There's always the doll your kids up, take them to the park, and snap cute shots for his office idea..

Lena said...

I'm probably too late, BUT, just in case his bday hasn't come yet...we all KNOW what our husbands want. They want us to put on something "cute" (just in case little eyes are reading this) and do a special sort of dance just for them...

your husband is gonna be so glad I commented. yeah. I'm just trying to win him over so we can be friends...if we ever meet. Did you know I have NEVER met your husband? crazy. I know.

Rindee said...

My suggestion is along the lines of Lena's. What a husband wants doesn't cost a thing, anyway. Just spice it up a little and make it special. Make a playlist of mood music, light some candles, and dress for the occasion. I'm sure that's what is on the top of his birthday boy list anyway.