Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Betcha' Didn't Know

Tonight we went to the annual Pocatello Zoological Society picnic.

We had tomatillo chicken, potato salad, rolls, chips, and soda.

(one dear board member dug around to find my children each a rare Sprite amongst Cokes, and saved the day)

A bee buzzed around our table, threatening to cause a disturbance, but finally left (just as I told my children it would) when we finished our food.

(Make a note of that: children eat quickly and well when they think it will bring to pass the speedy exit of a bothersome insect)

We listened to agenda items. And award bestowals.

We clapped appropriately.

We were sad to hear that Chase (the badger) and Roady (the red fox who had seizures and an amputated leg because of a car accident) both recently met their maker.

We looked sufficiently bereft.

The children were ushered to a corner of the zoo for up-close animal inspections, which included a visit with a one-eyed owl and a large turtle who was described as "not very smart."

That made me giggle.

Then we drove home with full bellies and lots of animal trivia knowledge.

Cause I am a member (of the Pocatello Zoological Society).


Betcha' didn't know THAT.


Michelle said...

Fancy that! So can you hook me up with a visit to the one-eyed-not-so-smart Owl?

Sharlee said...

I sure didn't. Sounds a little bit like a circus and not a zoo, what with the one-legged Roady who had seizures and all.

Sharlee said...

MINUS one leg... I meant.