Thursday, October 21, 2010

Commit Me

My husband gave me an itunes gift card last year for Christmas. That I never used.

He threatens me weekly that if I don't use it, he will.

(and then he uses it - just a little bit at a time - until there's only $12.50 left on it)

So, today I used it. I spent all day on the computer looking up songs.

I am coining a new mental state, which I am calling, "music fatigue." It's when you listen to so many songs that you like, that you start to not like any of them.

It reminds me of when I visit the perfume counter at (insert fancy department store), and after five different scents, they all smell the same: blurry. And my nose goes catatonic.

Music fatigue left me disoriented. All the songs that I have been randomly jotting on microscopic pieces of scrap paper for the last nine months suddenly seemed so blah.

Except this one. I have maintained a serious relationship with it since last winter. But until now, I was not ready for the commitment that the "buy now" button requires.

(Luckily someone on youtube put the original song to this commercial, which I like better than the song's music video. The actual commercial has it sung by Jose Gonzalez, which is good, but I like The Knife's version best...did any of that make sense?)

It was $.99, so I guess you can call me committed.

(I bought ten other songs, too. Are you proud?)


Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

I just want to stand at the end of the street catching all those bouncy balls! Good job picking out 11 songs!

Sharlee said...


Jason said...

I am very proud of you! Sounds like that was a Big Step for you so I say Well Done:) I like the song too. Good choice. I want to hear the rest that you chose. I love hearing what other people like. I told Jason how long you have had your gift card and he almost fell over:) He could spend that in about 5 seconds. Enjoy your new tunes! -Amy

The United Statements of Merica said...

I think we could really be bff's.. as long as we never discussed music.. I'm pretty much in the box when it comes to music. I know, unoriginal.. but way to commit!! Now if you could just commit to coming to California..
I hope you're having a good week.

Michelle said...

I just walk into a fancy department store and the perfume smell gives me a headache. Thus, I never wear perfume. Maybe I should so I won’t stink. (Why isn't the word "won't" willn't?)

I enjoy searching for music but you are right, it does take a bit of mental preparation and commitment.