Friday, October 8, 2010

Faith Is Knowing They Can't Be Worse Than This

We had our family pictures taken last night.

First time, ever.

Like, ever, EVER.

Twelve years of marriage, and not-a-one professional picture of hide nor hair (not even engagements or wedding day) (Cue pitying shake of the head).

I hired a girl two years ago, but we got rained out.

So what do you think happened last night on our way to the shoot? With the same girl? Yep. Rain.

I turned down the radio and asked the children to each say a silent prayer that the rain would stop.

The rain got worse.

We sat in our cars. Pam (the photographer) in hers, us in ours (with many life-threats to the kids not to mess up hair). Outside a tattoo parlor (which, by the way, was pretty entertaining/educational. If you have to be stuck in a car with your children during a rain storm, I recommend it) (Not really). Waiting for the rain to let up.

It did. Let up, I mean.

And from there, it all went by so quickly, that now I am worried sick that we didn't get a single decent shot.

When I am not micromanaging and/or in control of everything, I feel doomed and I flip my nut:

Did Sylas smile his goofy weirdo grin EVERY time?
Did Samera EVER look at the camera?
Was Saylor's hair tucked haphazardly behind her left ear the ENTIRE session?
Will Ty's discomfort permeate ALL poses?
Did my awkwardness/dorkiness ruin ANY chance I had at looking normal?

Guess I should have added "uncharacteristically beautiful pictures" to the prayer list. Dang it.

Let's just hope Pam has one heckofa editing program.

(the kind that edits in serenity, grace, and modelesque proportions of perfection)

Otherwise, the surprised squirrel girl pictured above goes on the Christmas card.

Heaven help us.


Mardee Rae said...

I hate to say it but I accidentally just said a prayer that none of the pictures turned out because I would really love for that picture of you to be on the Christmas card...and for me to get one.

And I just got caught up on your blog---how did I stay away for so long?!? Congratulations on a predictably scheduled husband. I am truly, truly happy for you and wish that for the last 12 years that you waited for a predictable husband that I had sent you a monthly spa treatment certificate or something. I'm not making sense because it's the middle of the I guess I'll go blog now.

Sharlee said...

Ha ha, Andy! You cracka me up. I hope that you got some dang good pictures, for all the time and worry, and thought you put into them. I can't wait to see them.
p.s. you make a cute squirrel. You just needed to smile and then photoshop a space between your teeth. HEy, it could be the perfect halloween costume.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Where does one put in the request of said Christmas card?? I, for one, can't wait..

The United Statements of Merica said...

I have NEVER been satisfied with any of our family photos shoots. I don't know but I think it has something to do with blonde hair. It seems like those perfect family photos are full of little blondies. I have just come to the conclusion that I have to get it done anyway because one day i'll be glad i had something. And maybe when they are older our family will be capable of pulling off one descent shot.. I've just spent too many nights hoping for a miracle. hoping that when I was finally able to see our family pictures, I would just LOVE one or two. Sorry to be so negative.. it's just that i know you guys aren't all blonde, so don't get your hopes up. Hey, the truth hurts.. ha ha.. that was a joke. You guys are going to look awesome. You have great style and you are beautiful and totally photogenic which, let's face it, is all that matters. If the mom looks good, everyone else is excused.. that may be the reason i have never liked any family pictures. Ok, this is so long and probably not even coherant, but i'm too tired and hungry to edit. btw I can't wait to see the pictures

Stephanie said...

12 years?! Well, I guess it wasn't until Wesley came along that we had any professional pictures taken: 9yrs, which doesn't beat your 12, but we didn't have professional engagement (roommate took them) or wedding (uncle who takes pictures for a hobby - he should get another hobby - took them) pictures, either. I remember when West Side Elementary was giving away free family photos, so my mom dressed us all up - oh, those '90's were almost as bad as the '80's - threw our family in the car, my eye got scratched and was bleeding, my mom tried to cover it with foundation, Carrie had those dorky, thick-framed glasses, Nathaniel was in an awkward stage of his life, I had some weird maroon dress with some grandma scarf, and my parents were stressed because Nat and I fought the whole way to the school. Luckily it was free - I don't think it stayed on our family wall for very long, but the memories *sigh* of family portraits will always be there.

Good luck with yours :)

Michelle said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the photo's!

Marianne said...

I hope you still use that picture. That is one fabulous shot!

Pam said...

just to put your fears to rest, we got some good shots. lots of them. you are gorgeous. your family is adorable. and if you must know, it's the quirkiness that comes out that makes the best photos.

check my photo blog for a preview.