Monday, November 22, 2010

I Get Road Rage When I Go To Bed

I have been trying to post on this blog for so long now, that I am a little over it.

A lot over it, actually.

It seems that fate is against me lately:

my sewing machine broke.
Ty's computer broke.
my computer won't read disks or burn cds.
it won't let me post any more family pictures, either.
the list of won'ts is too long to be contained in a single blog post.
my other computer (don't worry, we have a total of 4 useless computers in our house) will read disks, but won't let me access my blog.

Can you sense my frustration?

Do you ever feel that the universe is conspiring against your every breath?

Seriously. Take a look.

What are the odds of this happening in front of OUR house?

11:30 p.m., Friday night: Dumb guy runs stop sign a couple miles from our neighborhood. Doing 100+. Dumb guy notices cop on his tail. Dumb guy decides to ditch cop. Dumb guy turns the corner into our subdivision at a high rate of speed, loses control, and slams into my little brother-in-law's car (which was better than if he had blazed a trail through our front door, so I'll take it!). Dumb guy leaves the scene of the accident before we get outside. Dumb guy also leaves an open beer can, pipe, and zig zags in his car. Drunk, dumb guy. Drunk guy doesn't leave any money in his car. We checked. But there is a tutu and other strange accessories in his back seat. Score! We call cops, they arrive before we even tell them our address. Tow trucks, cops (who finally track down and arrest drunk guy), fire trucks, etc. finally leave around 3:30 a.m. Husband and his brothers finally finish their movie. Brother-in-law hitches ride with other brother-in-law, because his car is totaled and gone.

First thing on my Thanksgiving Thank You List?

That it didn't happen in the middle of the day when my children were riding their bikes.

I get hot under the collar just thinking about the what-ifs.

I hope he gets beat up in jail.


(my mood has actually been uncharacteristically positive lately. just not tonight. sorry)


annette Orton said...

Oh My Goodness! Are you ever feeling thankful that did not happen in the middle of the day when your children were outside. But how senseless and stupid, partly because nothing much will happen to the hapless sap and the innocent again pay for it. Of course he won't have insurance. But I hope they slap him in jail and fine the sox and tutu's off him.

Michelle said...

That would be scary! I am glad everyone in your family is ok. Did dumb drunk guy with tutu have insurance?

Andrea said...

Yeah. Luckily he was kind enough to drive his insurance-toting, more responsible father's car.

Sharlee said...

No wonder you're having migraines this week, what with all this fate against you! I love you.