Friday, December 3, 2010

A Peck on the Head

(Sy having his hair cut in the comfort of our own bathtub*)

Yesterday I had another migraine. WHAT is my DEAL?

When I am sick, I have no shame. (It's kind of like when I go for a run. Complete shamelessness.)

I suddenly lose all (okay, that was an overstatement. not ALL - more like some) inhibitions.

I know I am acting weird, and one side of my brain is telling me it's kind of funny, but the other side is writhing in pain and agony.

That side always wins.

Until I feel better.

After I laid down in the fetal position for several hours and the pain abated, I could see the humor in the situation:

I drove clear across town (approximately one half hour's-worth) with my head out the window, which was rolled half-way down, mouth open (I have to avoid all smells when I feel that way. Plus, it's impossible to breathe through your nose when your head is hanging out a car window. Try it. Better yet, just take my word for it). Like a dog. With the AC blasting. And no coat.

It was 30 degrees outside.

For some reason, the homemaker's golden rule for leftovers applies to my headaches, too: freezing it buys time.

Which is what I needed, because the only thing worse than being naked in public is throwing up in public.

Or on the side of the road.

Or in the middle of the road (because there's no option of pulling off when there are 3-foot high snow plow drifts lining the roads).

If I can keep my teeth chattering, it puts off the inevitable.

I don't ask why, I just do it.

And it works.

But then a big truck went by and a tiny rock flew straight through my window and hit me in the face. Directly below my left eye.

And I thought about what would happen if I lost an eye.

Luckily we were only a few blocks away from my house, because I was willing to risk both eyes if it meant I could toss cookies in the comfort of my own bathroom. I wasn't rolling my window up for anything!

And the moral of this story, you ask?

Don't you know me better by now than to ask that?


p.s. Did anyone else's dad ever say things were, "better than a peck on the head with a sharp rock"? I didn't suppose so.

*Note: Blogger puts up his dukes every time I even HINT at posting a picture, so go here to see the rest of our family photos if you are so inclined. The password is shuman2010.


Mardee Rae said...

oh, please don't get those migraines any more. Hey, maybe that's what "dumb guy" from your last story was dealing with. He wasn't dumb just had a migraine and was doing all he could to make it better, or at least spew in privacy. Good thing he took off his tutu before he got barf on it.
But seriously, I'm so sorry about your migraines. So far I've never had them, but I know I never want them.

dianeb said...

love the family pics!

Stephanie said...

I'll keep that whole dog-riding-in-a-car thing in mind the next time I'm suffering. Of course, my fear would not be my eye, but rather chipping a tooth.


No, my dad was always saying things like "do it right the first time" or "remember who you are," but I do remember your dad saying "bless your heart and half a liver."

Sharlee said...

Oh Andy, I feel your pain and I'm so sorry you haven't felt good. It's the WORST! I had a couple of days this week that my head wanted all the attention and made me miserable too. I didn't get that close to throwing up tho. You poor girl.
Glad you kept your eye! It's such a lovely eye--both of them--as seen in your family photos. They turned out awesome. What a great family you have!

Michelle said...

After I looked at your pictures I almost forgot you had a migraine. Ugh! You poor thing! If I ever get professional pictures I pick YOU to be my stylist! Your family is BEEEEAUUUTIFUL! Sy's eyes tug at my heart.

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Glad your eye survived and your migraine left you. That is severe! I LOVE all your pics. You guys are seriously the cutest couple and family!

Paige of Pearls said...

My mom says the same kinds of smart remarks. I think she got them from your dad. She starts to speak differently when she copies her brothers. I don't think she even realizes it.

I have to say, wow, your family pictures turned out great! Adorable family, and I love the colors you and your family are wearing! It makes the pictures so cheery.