Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mind Numbing

I ironed shirts today.

As if I don't have 48,353 other projects to do/errands to run/meals to make/messes to clean.

But I have been putting it off, and it had to be done.

(as in Ty had no more white shirts)

(and around here, when you are Ty and go to church meetings on Sunday, more church meetings on Tuesday, even more of those meetings on Thursday, AND occasionally have to dress up for the office too, well, you need crisp white shirts. And you need them a lot. Drat.)

Ironing is mind-numbingly dull. I had to utilize my usually-reserved-for-nights-when-I'm-trying-to-fall-asleep mind game of "What will I do for others when I'm rich?"

(Try it. It's so much more interesting than the more common version of "What will I do when I'm rich?")

(Not to mention, it's the least you can do at Christmas time)

I think I finally hashed out (I was going to say "ironed out", notice the self-restraint) the details of how exactly I will execute the secret paying-off of someone's mortgage. It is going to be so exciting!

But I won't go into detail, because what if the recipient is YOU? It would be so anticlimactic if you had already read all about it on my blog.

You know, BEFORE I became exceedingly wealthy.

Back when I was just a blithering girl ironing shirts.

Which reminds me, if I ever am rich, I am hiring someone to iron Ty's shirts.

But I'd wait until AFTER Christmas to do it, so it wouldn't be selfish.

It's the least I can do.


Parley and Anna and family! said...

I love your game you play!
Ironing shirts has got to be in the top 10 worst tasks to do. In fact... I refuse to iron. I will either throw it in the dryer again or just wear it and let the wrinkles work themselves out. ha!
You are the epitome of domesticity!

Michelle said...

I don't iron. I buy everything that says "wrinkle free" (some things lie). Then I only do laundry when I can monitor the clothing and pull the need-ironed-cloths out of the dryer and hang them instantly! Yes, it does look much crisper when ironed but I don't care. When I am rich, I will hire someone to do your ironing.

Stephanie said...

Your game is so much better than the mind-numbing tv watching I usually do while ironing (which really, I'm sorry to say, is not that often).

Emily said...

I don't iron either. You are my hero. Matthew wears a shirt & tie every day but Saturday& sometimes 2 on Sunday, so, feel bad for him that his wife doesn't iron his shirts for him.

Fun game you play! It's my mortgage you'll be paying off right? I won't tell a soul. You are so kind & generous & humble. Can't wait for you to get rich! :)

Darcee/Daryl said...
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Annette said...

Fun! Your Dad had to wear a white shirt every day including Saturdays if he had meetings for CES. I was so rebellious that I'd wait sometimes until there were 15 or 20 to iron. And what good did that do? Then it was a miserable and lengthy job. I'd starch, I'd fuss, but he always looked good when other husbands did not. Ha Ha!

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Oh, you are the most generous person! Even if it just in your mind. I don't iron either. Wes irons his own shirts/pants and sometimes {on the rare occasion that I actually wear anything that requires it} he irons something for me! We are a funny pair. He irons and I finish our basement!