Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saying "toe clip" Reminds Me of The Cutting Edge

I fell off my bike today.

(Ty asked which bike - the stationary, or the mountain bike. ha. ha.)

(it was the mountain bike. just for the record)


It was actually a very interesting experience. As adults, we don't fall down very often, and it is strange when we do. You should try it.

(I like to think that my recent passing out/doing a header through my bedroom door prepared me in some small way for this. So, actually, I don't recommend falling unless you have practice. Like me)

It happened quickly, but my mind processed it in slow motion.

I lay on the ground for what seemed like five minutes, though it couldn't have been for more than a few seconds, because my children didn't even notice that I had fallen.

I was afraid to take inventory. Afraid body parts would be missing. But everything was present and accounted for, save my pride.

(don't kid yourself, I thanked my lucky goat heads - do you get those in your tires when you ride your bike through the field behind your house?- that I fell in a large field with high weeds, and not on the road in our neighborhood)

But, dang it, I got right back on that horse (seriously though, if it had been an actual horse, I wouldn't have gotten back on) and rode her home. Limping (it IS possible to ride a bike with a limp, by the way) all the way.

Because that's the kind of girl I am.

(not really. But I couldn't very well lay in a field all day. There are lots of spiders and grasshoppers out there)

An hour later, Samera hit herself in the eye with a wrench, as she tried to "fix" her bicycle seat. It was the tenth time (at least) today that she had gotten hurt, and my sympathy/patience well was dry. I told her to be quiet and go to her room.

Then I cleaned my kitchen and felt bad.

I walked downstairs to her room (and if you knew how sore my hip was from wrecking my bike, you'd know how big a feat that really was). I apologized. I rocked her. I snuggled her. I made her laugh.

Because getting hurt hurts.

No matter how dumb the cause.

p.s. In case you're curious, my shoe lace got caught in my toe clip (shoe cage). I am not a proponent of the toe clip. Never have been. Definitely am not now. Ty will be removing them from my pedals tomorrow. Even though he is completely baffled at my ability to become entangled in them. He claims to have ridden with them for two years without one single incident. Well. How nice for him.

p.p.s. Someone PLEASE tell me you get my The Cutting Edge reference...


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Toe pick :) All over your Cutting Edge reference.

Boo. I refuse to ride bikes with toe clips. I'm sorry you got hurt.. And did I miss a post about passing out? Please, direct me. We really are kindred spirits. Passing out, bike wrecking and all.

Lena said...

oh the memories. I say that every time I do one of those catch my toe on the ground and stupidly stumble. Am i the only one that does that? please say you sometimes trip yourself.

yes. yes. those toe clips are incredibly dangerous. I almost died the last time I rode my bike on the streets because I was falling into traffic. Why do our husbands have to pretend like the toe clip thing is such a "no-big-deal" kinda thing. They are dangerous, pure and simple.

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...
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Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

I'm still puzzled about the wrench in the eye! Poor baby, but at least she was being pro-active and trying to fix it herself. Good for her. Madison is older and she'd just be standing around waiting for someone else to fix it for her. Actually, she claim there was a problem and be back inside happy for the excuse not to go on a bike ride at all.

I bit it hard in a parking lot right in front of a parked car with 2 chatty young gentlemen leaning against it. I was going fast and Maddie stopped in front of me just at the moment that my back brake hand was no where near the handle. Toe pick?

I feel your pain girl. Oh do I feel it!

Amber said...

Doug. Douggie. Douglas.

Jason said...

Love that movie! You have inspired me to rent it on netflix. My husband has never seen it! So that will give us something exciting, although I'm sure he won't appreciate it like I do.
Sorry about your crash! You are right though, at least you were in a field. Remember my bike wreck last year in the middle of the road, cars passing me till finally a nice couple stopped to help me and my poor screaming kids that had been flung out of the bike trailer! Very embarrassing:) But we lived.
I have never had a toe clip before, but I imagine it being very dangerous. Glad you are having them removed. I love your posts and it makes me happy every time you write something! I love how you (and I) exaggerate everything. I have turned Bjorn into an exaggerater. My computer is highlighting that word which means it must not be a real word, but I don't care. Anyway. Bjorn has started saying things like "I've tried this 5 million times" or "this is taking a million years". I love it:) It makes me proud to see that I am passing it on. Well, that was a tangent. Love ya! -Amy

Sharlee said...

It's amazing how fast an accident happens and amazing that they don't happen more often. What a surprise! I try not to ride bikes for that very reason (not the toe clip, just my general instability and spasticity). Nevertheless, reading your post made me laugh, cute girl.
Oh, and I almost forgot, I clipped a picture from a magazine of you modeling some home decor. It looks just like you! I'll show you next time I see you.

Stephanie said...

Totally get it. And not having goat heads out here is definitely a perk. Hope your hip feels better.

Marianne said...

I got your reference! Man, it's been a while since I've seen that movie. Maybe that's a good thing?

You're just like Joel. When he gets hurt I laugh at him because he's just so funny. You write about getting hurt, and I laugh because, well, you're just so funny.

Michelle said...

I feel your pain. I got my high heel caught in the cuff of my slacks and I totally smacked the pavement. I jumped up hoping no one witnessed my clumsiness. I tell you what, it jarred my body and I was sore for days.

Mardee Rae said...

I wonder what that movie would be like through my now adult eyes.... maybe it's not that complicated in the first place, but I sure that it was awesome back then...

And I hate toe clips. And your final line made me laugh. Well the whole thing did.

Don't you think that comment about the family newsletter was a low blow? :)

Christy said...

I am just rolling with laughter...really though, I am sorry you got hurt. And your daughter, that is never a fun experience to be in pain.

BUT I have to tell you Andrea, for the 100th time, that you HAVE to write a book, or compile all these entries together and make a book. You know how many people would buy it, it would be like daily reading-read one story, or more, a day for a good laugh! I seriously think you should consider it. And then DO it. I'll buy the first copy. =)