Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plumdog Millionaire

We picked plums last night at Grandpa's house.

He's dead, but his plums are not.

Dress code dictated arctic chic, and we were happy to oblige, even though we got plenty of bewildered stares from passing motorists (What? You don't wear your snowsuit while picking fruit?). It was COLD.

We ate so many plums before bed, I was afraid we'd all be sick.

But we weren't.

(We also thought of so many plum puns and sayings that I thought we'd all be sick.

But we weren't.)

It was a pre-Halloween miracle.

(of sorts)

Tonight I changed things up a bit with a plum tart.

It was pretty great.

(despite varied opinion)

It tasted like Fall to me.

(it tasted like, "yuck...this is disgusting!" to others. Whatever.)

So, I had three pieces.

A word of advice:

When Ina Garten says 2 pounds of fancyschmancy plums, she means 14 of these little gems that you picked off an old, backyard tree.

And when she names a recipe, "Plum Tart", she means just plain ol' Plum Crisp like the pioneers made, only this one is baked in a spring-form pan. (so why couldn't she just say that? are chefs really trying to discourage anyone else from trying to cook by passive-aggressively asserting their superiority and making things sound more complicated than they are? are they like doctors who have to use technical terms for everything, just so everyone knows they're a doctor? not impressed)

(you do NOT want to become acquainted with my soap box rant on overly-specific recipes/conspiracy theories)

(too late)

p.s. Do you ever make up a post, just so you can use a title? I'm not saying that's what I did, but it is.


Stephanie said...

Well, I loved your title, made-up post or not. And, yes, I think using those posh culinary vocabulary words is a requirement for all chefs. I had the nicest neighbor who was a chef (studied in Europe! Oooh la la), but she spoke a different language in the kitchen. I suppose I might do the same thing when I discuss French augmented 6th chords leading to a five cadencing to a IAC with my music friends, but still!

Lena said...

I never mind the chronic food complaints when its against a delicious dessert! "oH you don't want that? Let me help you..."

And, because I am a lazy blogger, I will be trying the brazilian Limeade soon. Though, I will definitely have to change the name; I only say the "b" word if I am ready to tango, because tangoers really love brazilian nuts...or something like that.

The United Statements of Merica said...

ha ha! you crack me up. and a plum crisp tarty thing sounds heavenly.And i love your title. Way to go and pick plums! the cold weather would have discouraged me.

The United Statements of Merica said...

I would have made a lousy pioneer

Sawdust and Paperscraps said...

Your tart looks delicious and speaking of titles, I can't believe you of all people didn't call me out on my title a few posts ago. You even commented on it so must have noticed! "You're ideas needed!"

I just caught it today. I've read your rants on the misuse of the apostrophe and I'm just a little embarrassed that I had that little gem up for 5 days!

You're titles are always perfectly fitting. {I did that one intentionally!}

Mardee Rae said...

you'd better believe that I make up posts so that I can use titles that I love. If I blogged 10 percent of the posts I write in my head, you'd never be able to keep up with my clever titles.
I loved this post. So quaint and autumnal!

Michelle said...

Yummy! And what a wonderful story of the Halloween miricles!