Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1000 words AND pictures*

I love Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is my valentine. I would be superbly happy to be left completely alone with Valentine's Day. To have it all to myself. Just the two of us. To dream romantic dreams, and hum romantic tunes. To eat chocolates (I have no problem buying them for myself) and stare into each others eyes.

But it is rather nice to have some human individuals to dote on, come February 14th. It makes the dreaming and the humming, the eating and the staring, and the sheer anticipation of it all that much better.

And more reciprocal.

Reciprocity aside (but not forgotten), I just love love!

(and silhouettes.)

And Valentine cooking.

I love cooking all day long, because it means #1: I don't have to try to converse in loving shouts over 50,000 other couples in a crowded restaurant. Or wonder who is intercepting my sweet nothings (blush!). Don't get me wrong, I love a good not-home-cooked meal. Just not on Valentine's Day. I personally prefer the intimacy of a plastic table cloth and mismatched candle-light dinner.

And #2: the planning and preparation of a special dinner at home takes a lot of time. Time for my imagination to take romance and blow it completely out of proportion. Time for my excitement to build. Time for me to contemplate love. Sigh.

Time for me to decorate my piano/make-shift mantle.

Time for me to take pictures of my 'orange thing' display - look close and you can see my festive chandelier and a portion of my front door still adorned with all the Christmas cards we got (I know it's weird, but they are still making me happy, so I am leaving them up until they bug me)

And, most importantly, time to scold my Valentinys not to touch the pillows!


Ain't love grand?

*This is for my sister, Sharlee, who put in a special request for pictures.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh my goodness.. I want your house. All of it. Every inch and every color, decoration and ounce of love.

Pretty please?

Stephanie said...

Your kids will remember all the work you put into the holiday, too. My kids, however, will never know such grandeur (although my own mother showered us with trinkets, decoration, and special meals for every holiday under the sun). Maybe I should change my ways...

Sharlee said...

I'm SO glad you indulged me. Everything is beautiful. Valentine's at my house was such a bummer comparatively. The only thing I decorated was the front window with those gel sticky-things that I got on clearance after Valentine's last year. Oh, and also a heart that Jonah made at school. You inspire.

Terri Decker said...

You did way more work than I did for Vday, and you call me the party queen? I think the crown goes to you. I actually think I need a nap after seeing all the work you went through. :)

Amber said...

I have a few things to say. a. I'm in serious need of a V-day do-over. Wasn't feeling it this year and I LOVE that ridic holiday! b. I can't have crafty friends. It's against my religion. So we're through. c. If you disregard that last one, I think it's your turn to come visit me. I need an Andrea fix.

Marianne said...

You had a fun, festive, romantic Valentine's too! Except you were nice and included your kids. Our kids were NOT invited to our dinner. They wouldn't have like the food anyway. We did do other things during the day and the days leading up to, so I don't feel too bad.

I really want to take a decorating class from you or at least go shopping with you so I know where to find such cute things, and in the case of things you made yourself, you need to teach me.

What a cute Valentine's Day at the Shuman house!

Mardee Rae said...

how many times do I have to tell you that you are me in more clever, all-around more improved form?!? Loved your decor. If I had any bit of skill, my house would look just like that. What's better than a holiday that promotes red, pink, hearts, and chocolates?!? Oh, and of course, romantic thoughts!

Michelle said...

Can I have an ounce of your talent and style? I wont touch the pillows I promise!