Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight, as part of her homework, Saylor was supposed to describe, using at least two conjunctions, an amusement park ride she would design if she could.

It got me excited. Finally some homework I could really sink my teeth into! I thought it was going to be such fun!

Wrong. Her answer ("It would be long...and...big?") was beyond uninspiring. She looked disinterested and just a tad attitude-y.

"That's it," I practically screamed,"Put your homework away!"

She thought she was in trouble.

I yelled down the stairs for the other children to join us and bring crayons. Stat!

Then I told them each to draw the best amusement park ride they could think of.

It was slow-going at first, but they caught the spirit of it before I was completely frustrated. Especially Sy.

All three of them ended up with some great ideas, but Sylas' was by far the most 'out of the box' Here's how his ride works:

#1. One-eyed aliens go ice fishing on a pond with a sideways cloud above it.
#2. The "cooker guy" (chef) climbs the ladder to the trampoline.
#3. He goes, "boop, boop, boop" as he jumps onto the slide.
#4. The chef slides down to the oven and cooks the fish.
#5. Then he puts on a really huge watch.

I think that boy has a future in engineering.

Or as a carny.

*I am especially intrigued by his incorporation of ice fishing. He went with his dad on Monday, and told me, "I don't ever want to do that again! That was the worst time...ever!" He fell in an ice hole, so I thought he was scarred for life. Apparently his memory of it is already growing rosy. Or maybe his ride is supposed to be one of those terror-inducing ones. Hmmmm...


Sharlee said...

If I had that ride in my kitchen I would love to be the "cooker woman" every day. I could just catch the fish and go boop, boop, boop on over to the slide and it would be sooo exciting. Sylas is great.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

You are such a better mother than me. I would have said, "great!" to the original idea and let it side. But look at made it into a FUN learning moment for everyone!

Marianne said...

so cute!

Amber said...

This literally made me laugh out loud. I find your son so amusing. And I needed amusing today. Really bad.

Michelle said...

Sy fell in the ice hole!!!!! Poor fella' I think I would ride on Sy's amusement park ride if the "cooker guy" was baking cookies. I am not a fan of fish.