Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beavers and Ducks

Sometimes I think about tumors.

Like this weekend:

Exhibit 1: I've had a headache for a week (what's new, right?).
Exhibit 2: My house smells like black licorice for no apparent reason.
Exhibit 3: I have been feverishly searching the Internet for Easter dress ideas for my girls.

That I want to MAKE.

What makes me think I can sew? I can't.

In fact, I DESPISE sewing. (and my machine is broken).

I need to stay away from dangerous websites like this and this, because they make my caged inner creative beast paw the ground and snort in discontent.

It inevitably ends in an exhaustive stampede of creating, which leaves me and my poor, neglected family entirely sick of (dare I use this odious word?) crafts, and swearing all creative endeavors off completely, in favor of a good book...

(which my inner reading piranha manages to dismember and devour in a matter of hours).


There is something wrong with me.

Tumors, I tell you.


Emily said...

That pic of your kids is adorable. Where do you shop? Seriously, cute skirts. Makes me wish I liked shopping. :)

Also, you should post a picture of your orange thing display every time you change it.

Finally, thanks for recommending sites for me to visit & dream about making stuff that I never will. But you should definitely make that orange skirt. Scrumptious.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

Sewing and I have a love/hate relationship. I love looking at other stuff people make while sewing that look so adorable. I hate looking at stuff I've sewn that looks so horrid. If I stick to the really simple stuff, we are okay. But if I try to branch out, at all, we are at each others throats!

You are so more motivated than me to even be thinking about Easter dresses. You deserve the an award!

Sharlee said...

Is black licorice smell a sign of a tumor? Funny girl.
Those are some fun websites/blogs. I spent so much time looking at them that now it's my bedtime. So, when did you make the skirts pictured on your girls? So cute.

Michelle said...

Your kids are always dressed so cute! Maybe the more I read your blog the more your style will rub off on me. I am currently wearing heels, and slacks with a sweatshirt. In my defense, I am stinkin' cold.

Emily said...

Re: your comment on my blog: Whenever I see pictures of my family lately, I am like, when did this happen? I am no longer a cute little "new mom" of babies. Just a mom, of kids. Blows my mind! & your kids (OK, one kid) are older than mine! Haha! ;)