Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Must Have Done Something Good

I don't like reading blogs that make me feel like my life is puny and unremarkable.

I already know that it (my life) is (puny and unremarkable).

I am fine with my (puny and unremarkable) life. In fact I rather adore it more often than not.

But when I start comparing myself to others, it never ends well.

That said, and as fair warning, I will say right now that you are about to feel really jealous of me. You will start to compare yourself, and while I am usually the comparison that makes you feel BETTER about yourself, this time is different. If you do not wish to taint our relationship with the unsavory sauce of envy, please do not read any further. I will understand.

My husband works for a school district. Did you know that?

Well, he does. Has for almost a year now.

And it is GLORIOUS!

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it has been. And, as if the incredible school year schedule, awesome work environment, fellow faculty and superiors who treat him well, and low stress weren't enough, now he is off for Summer Break.

Summer BREAK, I said.

It is like a honeymoon. Well, a honeymoon with three kids and a Ruth. But still.

Every morning when I realize (again) that Ty gets to stay home with us, I want to run through my yard, Sound of Music style. But minus the impending Nazi regime.

I cannot understand why everyone's husband doesn't work for a school district.

They should.

And now, since you let me go on about my fortunate circumstances, let me remind you that my last post was about how I (pathetic and lowly) had to apologize (awkwardly and embarrassingly) to another adult.

I guess what I'm saying is, even though my life rocks the casbah, I find ways to screw it up. So don't feel TOO bad. That is, if you are still reading...

p.s. The title of this post makes me cringe.


Stephanie said...

Whenever I hear that song, I am reminded that the lighting in the movie was not great - they look like apes when they kiss at the end. Sort of makes me giggle and cringe at the same time.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

I've tried to convince Parley he should be a teacher/get into the school system, but, alas, he wants no part of it. But hooray for you guys and a summer break together as a family! Now that I think about it, though, it is probably a good thing Parley doesn't have the whole summer off because even when he's off for just a few days, our whole house is in complete and utter chaos, not just the normal, slightly-manageable chaos.

Side note: way to go on the apology. I generally just chicken out and avoid the person. Man, you are good!

Sharlee said...

Well, I love the title of your post. Does this mean we won't see you this summer? You ever gonna pop over to Kimi's.... like around your birthday? I got you a present...

I'm so glad Ty's schedule is so laid back. If anyone deserves it it's you guys. Seriously.

Stephanie's comment made me laugh because I think the same thing every time I see that scene-- apes. Not very romantic.

Emily said...

Yes, it's awesome. Except that we never had a summer off, because he was always in school & then I went back to school & now he works summers again. Oh well, it's a nice idea. :) Enjoy your summer!