Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joke's On Me

We made s'mores in the backyard.

It was like an episode of The Three Stooges, only instead of laughter, we had tears.

Right as Ty got the fire stoked and backed up to sit down, Samera pulled his chair out from under him. I think she was trying, in true Mera fashion, to help, but it ended with Ty in a heap on the grass.

That was kind of funny.

And Ty managed to keep me in good spirits the rest of the time, despite all the molten marshmallow messes and reminders to be careful, by helping me see the humor in oblivious children.

But then Sylas swung his roasting stick around and practically skewered my right eyeball.

Which caused me to jerk backward and smack my left hand on my metal chair, breaking at least 47 bones.

At least that's how it felt.

And that's where the fun ended:

with me darning it, and Sylas yelling, "FINE!" as he ran in the house.

(what he does when he is trying to look mad so we won't see him cry)

Ah, summer. Even with all your alluring, family friendliness, you still find ways to keep me humble.

*My computer/internet connection will not allow me to download photos at present. But I will have a new computer/internet connection soon. Stay tuned.


Sharlee said...

Sounds like a super fun time!