Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Log

Today was hot.

Summer hot.

Swimming hot.

So we headed to the nearest lake.

And so did everyone else in Southern Idaho, apparently.

Even though the temperature was close to 90, the wind quickly blew my children out of the water, and into the warm (if not a little scratchy) welcoming sand.

They wallowed in it.

Sylas found this awesome log, which looked like a petrified dead rabbit (and if you knew the beach we frequent, you would understand that we were more surprised in its being a log than an actual animal carcass).

Samera found the tiniest 'seashells' (that were probably old snail shells) in the world, at around the size of a pinhead. They were so cute. She was so proud.

But, alas, they were too small to capture on camera, and much too minuscule to avoid the devastation of being spilled from the minimal protection of a plastic turtle onto the grass.

Samera was sad.

But, like always, she got over it in a heartbeat, and was singing to herself by the time we packed up to leave.

Saylor was just tall.

That's all I remember thinking: so tall.

Next summer she'll be on the verge of twelve.

Better pack this summer full of sand rolling, water squealing, and log finding.

Time doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.

Dang it.


Sharlee said...

Don't remind me (that time isn't slowing down)!! I've been sick for two weeks now and had sick kids before that and frankly, reading your blog about s'mores and swimming at the lake is making me feel pathetic. I wonder if I'll ever feel like doing something "fun" (or meant to be fun) with my kids this summer. YOU go girl.
I'm glad Sylas' catch was only a log.

Marianne said...

That sounds so fun but not the time going by thing. Joel and I are always getting mad at our kids for growing up, and now Clara is actually saying, "I'm drowing up." Doesn't she realize she's still my baby?! Grrr.

P.S.- I enjoyed your last post but was feeling too blah to come up with something to comment. I love all these posts- It's like Christmas!