Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today I was stranded at home without a car because Ty sold his last night.

I decided to make the most of it. With no errands to run and the house clean (I have a summer strategem: we all clean like crazy on Monday so we can play the rest of the week. My kids work their fingers to the bone. It's genius!), I told the kids to each pick one thing they wanted me to do with them (craft-type things - things they are always begging me to do - things I am always telling them I will do "sometime"), and we'd wax it out before lunch.

I started with Sylas. He loves Legos, and is constantly wanting me to build the complicated vehicles pictured in the booklet that came with his set. The problem is that his "Legos" are some off-brand, and the illustrated instructions are ridiculous. It's like they were translated badly from some other language. If it's possible to translate pictures from another language, that is.

Today's challenge: helicopter. The worst one. I have only built it one other time, and it was a beastly undertaking. I figured I could hammer it out in no time this second time around.


Behold, the only thing I accomplished today:

Why is it that "playing Legos" always means me whisper-swearing to myself on the floor of the living room, sifting through the box of tiny pieces, while the kids are laughing and playing in the other room? It's hard work, I tell ya. A(nother) thankless job.

On my to-do list:

#1. Do a craft with my girls.

#2. Never build the helicopter again.

#3. Buy some cotton-pickin' real Legos for poor Sy (me).


Sharlee said...

Was Sylas out of his mind excited when you finished? Cuz if he was it was worth it, right? Wow, you will be a wiz at REAL legos with real instructions.

I think you are Wonder Mom for even thinking of spending time with your kids doing the things you said you'd do someday. And the once a week cleaning thing. Smart.

You are also Wonder Mom for blogging everyday. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I agree; Lego's are an all day thing. We've come to the point where we have divided our Legos into so many sub categories in order to make building projects easier (people box, flat box, wheel box, ... you get the idea). Still, it takes forever! It really was sweet of you to play legos "with" Sy.

Jason said...

Trio blocks. Our favorite! Entertains for hours! Awesome job on the helicopter! I am impressed!