Friday, June 24, 2011

3lbs. 2oz.

Remember when I told you I would post 5 times per week until my sister in-law delivered her baby in August?

Well, happy day, she had that little gem last night (in a most dramatic fashion), so we're all off the hook.

And none too soon.

Because I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Turns out, I have nothing to say!

Who knew?

(I mean, besides me and you...?)

* Oh, and my brother assures me everyone is doing great, but has yet to produce a satisfactory (to my children) picture of the new baby's feet. Some of my children will remain nervous until they are given evidence of attached toes.

*Also, I am torn about visiting. The baby will remain hospitalized for some time, and I know it will literally kill me to see him and not hold him, and yet I long to lend support and share in the excitement of his arrival. Do I fly to the side of my family now, or do I wait until tiny peanut is sufficiently plumped and readied for snuggling/me taking him home for a few months?


vanessa said...

Hey Andrea, funny you ask about visiting the baby while in the hospital because while we were in the hospital, visitors totally stressed me out. (that's between me and you ;)the first two weeks I was bombarded with well-intentioned family and friends and I will forever love them, but I did not have the capacity to entertain them and play hostess when I had other things to worry about. But, I'm weird that way. Your brother might totally love the company and welcome it completely, but waiting til the baby is home is always a safe route :) That's my two cents on the topic!

vanessa said...

oh ps my blog is private and if you want to be invited you can email me your address. IF you want. :)

Parley and Anna and family! said...

Hooray for your sister in-law, but so sad for us. I'll miss the many posts!

As for visits in the hospital, I've never had a preemie baby, thankfully, but I know I never feel like I get enough sleep as it is with nurses and doctors coming in every 30 minutes over the course of 24 hrs. But, visitors are always a welcome repose and brings something familiar! Tough. I think if I had to choose, I would want visitors (for short spurts, of course).

Stephanie said...

I think that the best thing you can do to show your support of family is to help those who are at home - meals, play-dates, cleaning their house, etc. I guess you should just ask, though. Some people like visitors, others, like Vanessa (and me), feel like they have to host each guest and make them comfortable which is not fun. Just ask, that's what I say.

Marianne said...

Andrea, I like you.

You are welcome to visit. I don't know how good of hosts we would be but we'd love to see you.

I hope we can reassure your kids soon with a better picture! I promise he really does have feet, complete with 10 little toes.