Friday, July 22, 2011

For Me, it's the 9 Months of Puking that Kinda Gives it Away

Have you ever seen that show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?

Weird, huh?

Well, I didn't know I was pregnant.

Heck, I didn't even know I had a baby until I found these pictures on my camera this week.

They were a little shocking:

There's the tiny baby, the disheveled hair, the bad lighting, the lack of makeup, the hospital gown, the 'I am in love with this baby' (which I am) pose...

But, alas, he's not mine. It's a trick of the lens (plus a little help from yours truly and my unkempt ways).

He belongs to my brother and sister-in-law, who was kind enough to let me visit him in the NICU.

And these pictures don't begin to do him justice.

He is marvelous.

And the tiniest human being I have ever held (most of what you see is blanket).

He was enough to get me straight up baby ravenous!

Too bad the only way I'd have another is if I really never knew I was pregnant.

Or had a baby.

Guess we'll all have to stay tuned-in to TLC. It's the only way to know for sure.

(Or maybe I could pitch a new show called, 'I didn't know my sister-in-law was going to give me her baby, but I hoped she would'...? What do you think?)


Marianne said...

I love it! And he really could pass for being yours because he's got such an Orton face. I might have to steal these pictures because you look cuter than me and it will be fun for him later on to see pics of him with his awesome Aunt Andrea.

If I'm ever bound to a hospital bed again for weeks, allowing me to watch TLC every hour of every day, I'll be sure to watch for you. But if it takes me that long to find out about your surprise, they'll be a new show called "I didn't know my sister-in-law was pregnant, had the baby and didn't tell anyone about it...ever...until we watched it on TLC."

P.S. I'm positive I don't want to give him to you. Sorry. I kinda like him. But I'll let you visit him any time and smother him with Aunty love. Sound good?

Sharlee said...

Too bad the only way you'd never know you were pregnant and had a baby is if they knocked you out with drugs or induced a coma and tube fed you for nine months and then took the baby c-section. But when you woke up you would STILL know that you had a baby: the C-section, the stretch marks, baby weight. To be completely honest I don't think it would work. Sorry Boo. said...

You are a nut! What fun to see you and the baby whom we won't see for a long time yet. What a wee little bundle he is. Your hands are so big against him. Couldn't you please pull some tricks and get one of your own here before we get home form our mission? It would be fun that would be!!!!for us.