Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Change'll Do Me Good

Notice anything?


I mean, aside from the fact that my left eye is smaller than my right?

Here's a hint:
And another:


The black frame is gone!

(and I got a new polka-dot dress)

It (the black frame) had to go.

It was limiting my wardrobe choices, as it blocked easy access to all skirts and dresses.

Did I hang it in its proper place?


I leaned it against a wall in the living room.

It's a step (actually about 20) in the right direction, at least.

Any wagers on how long it will stay there?


Kelsie said...

I love reading your blog. You are funny! Love the polka dot dress too!

Jason said...

Of coarse it was the first thing I noticed! Good job for taking the plunge and getting it out to the living room! I'm thinking it will be up this weekend. I have the dang cutest shelf that I redid and it's up against a wall in my bedroom, as we speak (or as I type) waiting to be hung. So let's see who wins.

Kimi Lou said...

OH! I was thinking "You're the skinniest mom in the whole wide world?", but then I remebered: that isn't different. Silly me! What's going in the frame on the living room floor/eventually wall?

Parley and Anna said...

I would really love to see that polka dot dress on. It looks so adorable, what little I could see! But in my opinion, you really can't go wrong with polka dot.

Christy said...

You are TOO funny Andrea! Loved all these posts! I hate camping too. And we got so much camping gear at our wedding?? Maybe they were having a half off sale the end of August, so everyone got us camping gear. Great. Thanks. haha!
And I was thinking the same thing Kimi Lou was, "You're the skinniest MOM ever!" You look great! And I am sure the frame is feeling more loved as it has come out of the closet. haha. :)

Michelle said...

You are so cute and brave! I don't think a picture of me and my closet would translate the same.