Thursday, September 8, 2011

If 'Camp' Rhymed With a Curse Word, That Would Be My Title

I am not one to camp.

In fact, I detest it. De-freakin'-test it.

It is horribly inconvenient, dirty, and stressful. The trifecta of insanity, if you will (but I won't).

If I wanted to camp, I would have been born in biblical times.

But I wasn't. I was born in modern, we-have-houses-and-running-water-and-beds-that-we-worked-hard-to-afford-so-why-would-I-choose-to-sleep-in-the-dirt times.

Unfortunately, even knee-deep in this period of enlightenment, we have children who think camping is fun.

If Saylor's eyes, Samera's nothing (one of these days I'll write a post about my theory that she was switched at birth and there is some muscular little Mexican woman running around with a little girl that looks just like me...), and Sylas' everything weren't enough evidence that they are Ty's children, I guess their adoration for camping would be enough to prove it.

Because, like I said, I do not like it.

I mean, sure. I like the mountains. In fact, I might like them better than almost anyone I know. I'm a little obsessed, even. Seriously. The mountains and I are bff's.

Heck, let's hike, build fires, carry toilet paper in our coat pocket, collect sticks, shoot targets, be awed by nature, and relax in the mountains during the day.

Then let's go home and sleep in our temperature-controlled dwelling, the way God intended.

Exasperated Sigh.

So we go camping once/summer. For the kids.

And somehow we didn't get around to it this year until Labor Day Weekend.

(as if sleeping outdoors isn't restful enough on its own, on LDW you get to sleep outdoors with the entire city. and all their cousins, friends, and dogs.)

All I have to say is that I survived.

Thanks to the Free Swearing Pass. Which I gave myself so I could make it through.

Only 11 short months left before we do it again.



Sharlee said...

Dangit! I was just trying to work myself up to suggesting to the family we go camping (in our back yard) tonight. You brought up many good points: especially like the free swearing pass. I didn't know you were allowed to give yourself one of those. But I'm glad you made it through without using it.

Why are traditions so much WORK for the mom? That's what I want to know.

Jason said...

You're too funny! We try to go once a year too, but I actually love it:). I really do. This year though, gave "camping" a whole new meaning. We planned a camping trip with Jason's fam and we were planning to tent it like everyone else. Then our awesome friend offered to let us borrow their camper so we wouldn't have to worry about Walker getting cold. It's not some tiny camper either. It's huge. You could practically live in it. I wouldn't, but if someone wanted to, they could. It had it all! So, the bar has been raised. :)
Happy Weekend!

Michelle said...

I like to camp but I do not like to prepare for it nor do I like to clean up after it.