Monday, September 12, 2011

Go Ask Your Father

Last night we had Ty's birthday dinner.

And I think I have mentioned here before that any family gathering is not complete until there is a wrestling match. Complete with rug burns and dry heaving.

Well, last night's party went off without a half hitch.

I attributed it to everyone's needing to get home early because now Sunday is a school night.

Everyone left, and I started cleaning up.

I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned.

And there was silence.

I went outside to see what was going on, and no one had left.

Instead, there was Ty and his little (actually huge, but younger) brother boxing in the driveway.

Bare. Knuckle. Boxing.

And his other brothers rolling with laughter on the grass.

Have I said this before:

Our neighbors love us?

Now to explain to Sylas that Daddy and Uncle Jake weren't mad, they were just playing, but it's not funny to fight; that Daddy and Uncle Jake aren't hurt, but we should never hit people because it is rude and it could hurt someone...etc.

I made Ty deal with the bedtime questions.

Cause I don't get it, either.


Lena said...


I don't even know what kind of punctuation to put after that word.

Need I say more?

Jason said...

No way. That is craziness. Remember when we use to add "ness" to the end of every word? Here is the difference between boys and girls. Boys like to hurt each other for fun. Girls like to make up silly words. Girls are so much safer. Too bad I don't have any huh! I'm in for it.

Parley and Anna said...

I can picture it in my mind and it makes me laugh! I think I will never understand the male gender. They. are. so. weird.

Stephanie said...

Wes sees our neighbor and his teenage boys wrestle and hit each other in play, but they're really rough. I don't know how to teach Wesley that we do "play" like that because "someone could get hurt." Why are boys so weird; I don't get it either.

Michelle said...

Ahhh what other way would you show your brother that you love him then have a bare knuckle boxing match?