Monday, September 19, 2011

If You Guessed 10 Days, You Just Won!

Saturday, late afternoon, I was forced to make a quick trip to Walmart.

It could not be avoided.

I needed unsweetened chocolate, whipping cream, and...

poster putty.

No other store would do.


I took Sylas with me, and I was extra, super-duper grouchy.

Everyone around me was going too slow, waiting too long, being too indecisive, or in some other way making it hard for me to get done and get home.

And that was just in the parking lot.

As I went to grab a cart, a fellow customer did something dismaying that I do not now recall.

Whatever it was, it forced me to exclaim,

"Easy, Turbo."

Not loud. Just under my breath, like I do.

(and I said it light-heartedly, not judgmentally, so purge that from your mind at once!)

But then Sylas piped-up with his version,

"Yeah, easy turd-o!"

And it made me giggle.

Cause, isn't that really what I mean when I call someone 'Turbo'?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.


Lena said...

I love your family picture! Wish my legs were that long and lean--better this way, now I am not tempted to copy you!

I have a serious problem with Walmart. I actually boycotted it for 6 months, but I finally caved on one of those "chocolate, whipping cream, and poster putty" days. Why can't costco carry everything necessary for daily life?

Sharlee said...

Good job getting the picture up! It looks awesome, of course.
Speaking of the "t" word, yesterday I drove the big boys up to dump the cut grass in the green waste bins up town. Grass that has been sitting and fermenting for a week. I overheard this: "Why does rotten stuff always smell like turds?" "Because that's what turd is: rotten stuff."
Mom: if you read this, I did think about correcting them for refinements sake, but it was so well said. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Christy said...


Good job with the picture getting hung too. I guessed 30 days, so "ha in my face" is in order. ;)

Christy said...

"ha in YOUR face" -meaning MY face

Mardee Rae said...

Uh, I just have to say that Walmart is awesome. AWESOME!!! There. said it. looooove the pic. Sylas (I know I should know if that is the correct spelling or not) has been cracking up a lot of us lately. I really like that kid.

Kimi Lou said...

ONLY 10! That's awesome! Way to get decisive! Perfect photo, too! Love those moments when you child says something sweet and wonderful right at the presicely wrong moment. Yesterday Fallon and I were shopping and we'd seen a long-haired black man come in and I'd seen the "what-in-the-world" look on Fallon's face, but then he made the mistake of passing us in an aisle and hearing, as he did so, "Mom, that guy looks like a GIRL!" Turbo is the speed I like to think I reached in getting us as far away as possible!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Totally using that!

Um. . .my word verification is "bangsta" not to be confused with gangsta'? Easy there Bangsta Turd-o!