Monday, October 3, 2011

Orchestral Maneuvers in My Blog

We went to the symphony last week.

It was glorious, because

#1. I repeatedly asked Ty if the man sitting next to us was one of his clients. When he assured me 'no,' I had to ask, "Could you tell me if he were?" (with all the codes of ethics and privacy policies and what not, one can never be sure) and then wondered the rest of the weekend. Cause wow. He was a doozy and a half.

#2. I learned that even though his favorite band is Guns and Roses, my husband appreciates classical music. He really likes the strings section, but thinks that any horn detracts from the music, and he would enjoy seeing the flute outlawed. Which brought out the defensive flautist in me.


#3. I dressed up. And what, honestly, is better than dressing to the hilt, complete with sparkly jewels, uncomfortable (but yellow enough to make it oh, so worth it) heels, and red lip gloss?
Nothing. That's what.

Except maybe the symphony.


Sharlee said...

Wow. The symphony. Jealous. Did you not get a picture of yourself and your husband all dressed up?

Kimi Lou said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that you got Ty to take you! It wasn't even your anniversary! Or birthday! Might this turn into a "regular" occurance? Lucky!

Lena said...

Isn't it wonderful when our husbands take us to something cultural simply because they love us. And yes, getting dressed up is half the fun (maybe a teensy weensy bit more than half)...unless you are pregnant...and then it really isn't any fun at all! (perhaps I am the only one who feels like an overly fed heifer for the duration of the pregnancy and for subsequent year.)

Michelle said...

That is super fun(ny). Maybe you should have given your husbands card to he man next to you. Then the man would say "oh, actually I am a client already" No privacy rules broken there.