Monday, October 10, 2011


It's Columbus Day.

Which calls for some sort of celebration.

So I made wiener boats for dinner.

What's a wiener boat, you ask?

It is a hot dog (a good quality beef one - no nasty hot dog will do), split down the middle, flayed open, and grilled, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese, put under the broiler so everything is hot and melty and bubbling.

My children prefer to call them, 'hot dog boats,' as they find the term, 'wiener boat' offensive.

Kind of like how we can't talk about the restaurant, Wingers, without someone piping up that, "That's a bad word, mom!"

But my mom called them wiener boats when she made them, so I do too.

But I don't think she ever put tiny flags in them, which would explain why mine look a lot more like actual boats.

I mean, they are practically to-scale replicas of The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria.



Sharlee said...

You are ONE festive gal! I forgot it was even Columbus day. Now I know why my mailbox was empty.

Parley and Anna said...

That should give you at least 10 points toward Mom of the Year! Thanks for giving me a great idea for using up all those mashed potatoes we have sitting in our fridge--10 points to Cousin of the Year! You're on a roll!

Lena said...

I need to look at a real calendar once in a while--I was wondering why the scouts had put all the flags up in our neighborhood! Is it frightening that I am homeschooling my children and didn't even realize it was columbus day? what kind of a mom/teacher/organizer/scheduler am I?

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I'll take two. Extra cheese, easy taters.