Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arty Pants

How did I fail to mention The Fair this year?

Let me quickly catch you up:

It was the same as every year - over-priced and over-crowded.

But this year, each of my children entered a painting, so that was different. And exciting.

As we were preparing the paintings for the fair, we (my mother in-law and I) explained to the children that they needed to title their work.

Saylor aptly chose Pink Fluffy Clouds (hers was the only one that was not an abstract),

Samera responded with Pink Rainbows,

And Sylas looked confused. So we reiterated that he needed to name his painting. He nodded that NOW he understood, and promptly said, "Spike."

A little unconventional, but that's the way he rolls.


Michelle said...

Wow - your kids are artsy! I like it.