Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love pumpkins.

I drool over those pictures in Martha Stewart Living of houses festooned with pumpkins.

I have always wanted to have more pumpkins than sense. But I am too cheap to buy more than the necessary five - one for each member of the family. Last year those five pumpkins cost us $35. And they lasted one week.
So this year, when our pumpkin patch went on a growing spree, my sense took a back seat, and I selfishly refused to give any pumpkins away.

Much to the confusion of my pumpkin-moderate husband, who thinks pumpkins are for carving.

Carving. Hah!

Pumpkins are for decorating.

Next year we're planting twice as many.

So my living room can match my front walk.

Pumpkins as throw pillows, a pumpkin side table, pumpkin-media installation art...

I can't wait!


Sharlee said...

Ha ha! I'm the same way. I had to resist the temptation to take more pumpkins from my friend who has a healthy patch and invited me to take what I wanted. My big boys, who already think I'm a mooch because I picked (and made them help) abundantly from my neighbors' 1/2 acre garden (that she invited me to help myself to) all summer, were standing nearby and giving me that "look", so I settled on four. They are so cute. (the pumpkins, not the boys).

Stephanie said...

Man, am I jealous! What a blessing to have such a great garden. We bought pumpkins, but they were from some small farm and the lady totally cut us a deal and gave us all 4 for $10. Maybe next year we'll grow them (now that our neighbor has cut down a lot of trees opening our yard to more light).

Marianne said...

I LOVE pumpkins too. There's just something about them that is so fun! They made your house so cute, and I loved that you hoarded them all for yourself!

Michelle said...

I saw in a magazine decoupage (with material) pumpkins. I was heck-a-cool. I had really good intentions of decoupage-ing my pumpkins but that was tossed in to the sea of good intention. Maybe next year.
(Is that how decoupage is spelled?)