Friday, October 14, 2011


This morning I scared myself.

I do it all the time. Very random ideas pop into my head at the most inopportune moments.

For instance, when I am speaking to a person in a position of authority, small flashes of alternate endings to my sentences, off-the-wall body language, and even song-singing clutter my brain. In the split second it takes for these thoughts to form, for me to repress them, and for my consciousness to rejoin the conversation, I also try to imagine what would happen if I acted on any of these impulses.

I never have.

I take that back.

Once, I broke out into song when Ty and I were having a discussion about something really important (I'm sure).

He turned to me (we were in the car) with a blank stare, and said,

"Don't ever do that again."

Which still makes me laugh.

Anyway, these little inspirations shock me.

So this morning, as I was stretching on the floor at the end of my workout, my latest favorite song cycled through my ear buds.

The song, you guys. Oh, the song! It is impossible for me to listen to without dancing.

No big deal, as I mini-dance through my entire weight-lifting/cardio nonsense anyway (admit it, you do it too. Right? Right?!).

But this time I was on the floor, on my knees, hands clasped together at the peak of a really good shoulder stretch (what felt like a pose destined to start a really awesome dance performance) when THE dancing part kicked in.

And it took all of my will power to beat the thought of segueing into an actual dance routine into submission, gather my things, and walk quietly out to my car.

And then I drove home wishing I knew a dance routine, and wondering if maybe I should learn one.

Cause when the world is ready for spontaneous dance routines, I want to be ready!

Although, when you consider that no one else can hear the music on your looks a little silly:


Michelle said...

SHOW ME THE ROUTINE!!! I demand a video of your dance!

Andrea said...

Your wish, Michelle, is my command.

Michelle said...

I LOVE IT!!!! You just made my day. I am smiling ear to ear!

Rindee said...

I want to know what song commands your body to move like that!

Sharlee said...

I'm going to have to watch that a few times to get all the moves down. You are GOOD. (And brave. Where did you get that gene?)

Stephanie said...

You crack me up.

Marianne said...

That was so awesome!

Jason said...

Best thing I've seen ALL day. All week even!! I love it and I want to know what song it is! You are the dancing queen! - Amy

Christy said...

THAT is awesome. I break out in my car all the time with my dance moves, especially to the song, Dynamite by Taio Cruz. I can't just sit there in the car or wherever I am, when that song comes on. I just have to dance.

The United Statements of Merica said...

you are so funny! if i had those moves i would totally dance spontaneously. And by the way Avery just said "she's hilarious" Avery is a tough critic. and by the way, i experience that whole "other scenario" thing daily. it must be genetic. Sometimes I get so close. I have to take a minute and decide if the personal gratification is worth my new lowered status in the eyes of my victim