Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Greek to Me

What is the deal with Greek yogurt?


It is disgusting.

It tastes and smells like rotten sour cream.

Even a chocolate smoothie can't cover it up.

Believe me, I tried. And tried.

Is it a fad? Do people say they like it just to seem cultured (yeah, that was a stupid pun) and ultra health-conscious-you-should-be-jealous-of-me?

Is it synonymous with working, " the gym..." into every conversation?

"...yeah, you called me right as I was taking a bite of my Greek yogurt, and I was all, 'whoa, I'm late for my Pilate's class at the gym...'"

(it makes more sense if you use the voice in my head to read that)

So what if it has less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt?

When you add chocolate syrup or honey or whatever to it to keep the gag reflex at bay, it basically evens the playing field.

And regular yogurt doesn't stink.

Or make you throw up (which is neither healthy nor fun).

Sometimes I wonder when the diet community will start telling us to eat tree bark and dog poo.

And how many of us will comply.

And work it into our conversations.

C'mon, people. Live a little. Have a regular yogurt. It's better for you than a snickers.

Cause, really, isn't that the only nutritional measurement we should be using?

Disclaimer: I realize that everyone's taste buds are different. Mine have been accused of being bionic, as I am highly sensitive to aftertastes/smells (I blame it on three pregnancies - my body/taste buds will never be the same). This could be the reason I am so vehemently against Greek yogurt. If you or someone you know thinks Greek yogurt is as atrocious as I do, please leave a comment. Because I am starting to feel like Greek yogurt is The Emperor's New Clothes, and I'm the only one who doesn't get it.


Parley and Anna said...

You are not alone! I cannot stomach (literally) Greek yogurt. I have found one use for it, however, and that is in place of sour cream. But I really don't think it's worth it when you compare ingredients and price.

I say we just wait until the next new health phenomenon comes along and jump on the bandwagon then. Until then, I'll just judge everything in comparison to Junior Mints and then still probably go for the mints anyway.

Stephanie said...

I only use it to make gyro sauce, and even then I usually make my own mock version by draining regular plain yogurt overnight.

Michelle said...

Oh honey. . . .you are eating the wrong brand/flavors.

Rule #1: Stay away from plain - gag!
Rule #2-?: (Can't figure out how to put my ramblings into rules)

My all time favorite is Greek Gods Honey. I think the "healthy" part is not in Greek Gods Honey because it has 14 grams of fat. OF COURSE something with 14 grams of fat is good. The second best is Chobani's pineapple, peach and bluberry. All other greek yogurt is c$*p! But I am willing to try all brands.

Christy said...

I get it! I fell into the trap too, and bought Greek yogurt to be "cool", "healthly" or whatever it was, and it was the last time I bought or ate it. It is nasty! Maybe since we both went through horrendous pregnancies of throwing up all day our taste buds have been altered or damaged in some way....or maybe it's just that Greek yogurt really is that gross?