Thursday, November 10, 2011

A 90 Degree Double Hand Shelf For My Sisters. Nailed it.

Sometimes even I can't deny how awesome I am.

Try as I might.

Like, for instance, tonight.

I decided to pull out all the stops (if by stops I mean 'leftovers' - and I do).

It was going to be a whiny dinner, I could tell.

And I wasn't feeling particularly whine-tolerant.

(I never am, come to think of it)

So, I drew up a menu, speedy-quick.

It included such delicacies as bowtie pasta (we've had it three times already this week...mmmm..) and chicken tacos (which we had for lunch twice and dinner once), milk, water, and bread sticks.

And was drawn on a red post-it note, ripped in pieces and stuck together.

It was classy.

I put on my fancy apron, told the kids to get "cleaned up" (which means wipe their faces and put on some clean clothes), and then welcomed Mera and Sy to Chez Mama.

I am proud (hesitant) to tell you that I did not break character even once (except when I had to eat, and so took off the apron and pretended to be a friend joining them for dinner...).

Even though the only thing Sylas would say (over and over) was, "Mom, you are so WEIRD!"

Samera soaked it all in and played along with panache.

I am thinking this would be an excellent way to teach my children table manners, or how to order at a restaurant, or how to have polite conversation at a dinner encounter, or, or, or...

Only, it was all the "fun mom" I could muster. And I've been mustering for a good six months at least.

And after it was over, and six pages of homework were done, and dessert was served, I declared that I needed a break. And put the kids to bed early. And then yelled, "GO TO SLEEP!" one too many times. And then went in and reminded them that I do not give "chances," and separated them. And now they are both crying.


That was enough fun to last at least six more months...right?

I hope so.


Sharlee said...

You look so natural in that pose! Thanks for the laugh!

I had so much fun today. It was really what the doctor ordered because my cold is better tonight AND I had energy (and was probably inspired by you and Kimi) to be a nice and patient Mom. ALL my kids got some luv and attention tonight. THAT is a miracle.

You're a great mom-- sounds like an interesting dinner. Sorry your night ended in yelling. So did mine-- truth be told. I can only be so patient.

Michelle said...

Where is the "like" button?