Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My children are lost without their Shumi (rhymes with roomy).

(which is what they lovingly call their older sister)

I mean, lost.

As in, acting depressed and forlorn.

As in, Samera just flops herself down and lays her head on her arms, no matter how many times I try to suggest "fun" activities.

(I would be lying if I said I am not jumping to conclusions about what this little funk of my kids' means for their future emotional/mental health)

(it's actually cracking me up, but I still jump to conclusions)

I thought Samera would love being free to wander the house unimpeded by Saylor's constant direction (which is easily mistaken for bossiness) and shouted commands.


I think she literally doesn't know what to do with herself when Saylor isn't here to tell her.

And, truth be told, I now have a new appreciation for Saylor's morning frustrations with her sister.

That girl canNOT stay on task.

I think I owe Saylor an apology for all the times I got after her for yelling at Samera to "Look out the window for our ride! Samera! Are you watching?!"

What are we going to do when Saylor goes to college? This house will fall apart without her vigilant keeping-everybody-in-line-edness.

See, jumping to conclusions, again.

Too bad it has no aerobic benefit, cause I'm really good at it.


Michelle said...

They will be so happy to have their big sis back. I hope big sis is having a GREAT time!