Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Yesterday we had an Almost-Vacation.

It's the only kind we take.

What is an Almost-Vacation, you ask as you post all your posed-by-a-palm-tree-and-a-beach pictures to facebook?

It's for those of us who don't have a vacation budget.

Those of us whose husband never takes time "off."

Those of us who take what we can get.

And what, you ask, can we get?

A quick trip to here or there as a tag-along on our husband's work-related trips.

This time it was to Salt Lake City for an all day conference.

We left after work on Monday night, so we almost made it to the hotel before 11 p.m.

Then we were so tired in the morning, that we almost got a late start.

We almost put on our seat belts before we left.

Then, .02 miles from the conference center, we got pulled over and almost got a speeding ticket.

After I chatted with the officer for a minute, and he went back to write our tickets, Ty laughed at me and told me to just say, "Yes, Sir!" when the police say something. That almost made me mad. If I need to correct someone, officer of the law or not, I will.

We received two 'failure to wear seat belt' citations and a warning. I think the cop was lenient because I almost looked hot, since I almost changed out of my pajamas and almost put makeup on.

The whole experience almost ruined my day.

And Ty was almost on time to his conference.

I went shopping almost all day.

I almost found the boots, jeans, and purse of my dreams.

Later, when I picked Ty up, we almost thought of something interesting to do, but decided that we just wanted to get out of Utah.

Ty was almost too tired to drive, so we stopped and ate until we almost threw up.

Our kids were almost excited to see us when we got back, and Sylas asked if he could live with his cousins full-time.

But then we let him stay up and eat donuts, and he was almost glad we're his parents.

It was almost the best Almost-Vacation yet.

Yep, just about.


Stephanie said...

Your posts are almost about it.

Oh, and whenever I'm in UT, I almost can't wait to get out.

Sharlee said...

I love it. Sounds like fun... almost.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a success to me!

Kimi Lou said...

That was almost the best thing I've read all day! Especially because it sounds all too familiar.