Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I dusted.

While I wiped the piano, I noticed that Vladimir was looking a little neglected.

So, I climbed the back of my couch, balanced precariously, and proceeded to wipe his snout.

It was right around the time I noticed that we were nose to nose, that I stopped and stared deep into his eyes.

The situation made me giggle.

And I thought,

How did I get here?

What choices did I make that brought me to this point: dusting an elk?

It was almost a deep moment.

But then I lost my footing and almost broke my femur. Whatever that is.

I hastily finished my dusting and concluded that whatever those choices were that brought me to here,

they were good ones.


Stephanie said...

You giggle, I'd get weirded out. Nice conclusion, though.

Kimi Lou said...

My conclusion? ...It's all about that nice boy you married! Thank heavens for Ty! Just think of all the things you'd be missing out on!

Michelle said...

I like that you named your dead head!

Marianne said...

If your blog had a "Like" button I'd click it 20 times.