Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ode to Three Doors Down

We sold our couches.

You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment.


Take the number of years we have owned them (13), add 4, multiply that number by 64, square it, and that is how long I have waited for this moment.

I am actually and literally giddy with excitement.

If I were superman, those couches were my Kryptonite.

My Aztec-Nightmare Kryptonite.

They were hideous. And disgusting. And, toward the end, I cringed when my skin came in contact with them.

But they were comfy and sturdy and comfy.

And comfy. REEEEEEally comfy.

Even though their molecular structure after surviving three children consisted mostly of spit-up (etc), drool (etc), and spilled juice (etc), they remained comfy to the end.

I would like to say that I will miss them (Ty keeps assuring me that I will), but I won't.

Besides, they are in almost every single picture I ever took of my children, so there will be no forgetting them.

Try as I might.

Now I have a pocket full of...


Okay, a tiny pocket full, but still.

Even that is so much better than those couches. Especially when I just wanted to give them away on Freecycle.

It's a good day!


Sharlee said...

Wow. Congratulations! Now you'll have to come to Logan again to couch shop? And Indian food? Come this week!

Marianne said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see the replacements!

Kimi Lou said...

Awesome, Boo! They WERE a little out of your style comfort zone. --Even if they were comfy in the living room zone.

Michelle said...

Did you find new ones? Vic and I lived in our house for a month with no furniture. Finally, in a fit of rage(exaggerating), my husband demanded that I buy furniture. So I bought some. I didn't love them, but they will do.