Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scoundrel Days

I hate to go and ruin my mild-mannered, angelic reputation, but I must admit something:

I have grouchy days.

I mean, every day I have grouchy moments. That's normal. Right?

But then I have grouchy days.

They are entire days full of grumbling.

I snarl at every single other driver on the road.

I growl under my breath at people who have 37 items in the 12 Items or Less check out lane.

I bark at my children because they should know by now that 7:58 p.m. is not a time for disarranging the living room.

But here's my latest barometer for grouchy days (because I honestly do not notice I am having one until much later than you'd think - I am, for the most part, oblivious that I am being completely unreasonable until I start recounting all my injuries to Ty late at night):


Sure enough. That puppy is more useful than a Swiss Army Knife!

It is how I realized that there weren't more idiots on the roads today, the world was not conspiring against me by making sure I stood in the longest check out line at every single store I visited, and my children weren't being any more naughty than usual.

When I happened to end up on Pinterest this afternoon and found myself fighting back comments like, "sick," "completely superfluous," "seriously?", and "what a waste of time," I had an A-Ha Moment:

I was having a grouchy day.

Now raise your hand if you started singing, "Take On Me" when you read 'A-Ha Moment'.

If your hand is raised, you are my best friend.


Michelle said...

Sorry - wish I would have started signing the "ah-ha moment" song but I didn't. If I hear "ah-ha moment" one more time I will probably kill someone. Oh. Wait. I think I am grouchy.