Friday, February 24, 2012


This morning, in a whirlwind of charity and generosity, I sent the entire container of cinnamon-glazed popcorn with Ty.

The cinnamon-glazed popcorn that I slaved over last night.

When all I really wanted to do was finally take off my apron, sit down, and read my book.

The cinnamon-glazed popcorn that I had to re-do after the first batch went up in a puff of stinky smoke.

That my house and garage and clothing still reek of.

The cinnamon-glazed popcorn fiasco that caused my children to re-emerge from their bedrooms after I so recently/impatiently/frantically put them there for bedtime, to tell me,

"Our room REALLY stinks, Mom. We can't sleep."

The cinnamon-glazed popcorn affair that welcomed entire civilizations of dirty dishes to take up residency in my kitchen.

The cinnamon-glazed popcorn that didn't sound good to me this morning when I packed it for Ty,

but that sounds like just the thing right about now.

My charity just failethed.


Emily said...

All I want to know is did you pin the recipe? :)

Michelle said...

Get thee out of my house popcorn!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

My heart just broke a little for you.. Sigh.