Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As The Hills

#20. I have been "going to bed" for almost a half hour now, and haven't brushed my teeth or put on my pajamas yet. I guess I have no room to get upset with my kids for taking so long to get ready for bed. They probably learned it from watching me.
#21. I will only be 32 for a few more minutes. Should I feel sad? Cause I don't. Getting older is kind of great. Maybe I only think that because I become more and more exhausted with each year, so I don't have the energy necessary to worry about aging. If so, I am hoping that I will eventually not have the energy to worry about a lot of other things as well.
#22. I bought myself a new purse tonight. I spent 5 times more than I have ever spent on a purse before, so you'd think it was some beautiful designer contraption, right? Nope. It looks like something your grandma would buy. But a girl reaches a certain threshold of annoyance with huge, baggy, disorganized purses and not being able to find her keys and crushed packets of crackers in the bottom, and looking like an elf next to all the very fashionable purses-the-size-of-small-appliances. I reached that threshold a few weeks back. So now I have a grandma purse.
#23. Lately my favorite motto is, "It's not sexy, but it's convenient." Is 33 old enough to get away with that sort of motto? I really hope so. Cause I've been waiting a long time to have an excuse to let myself go a little (more).
#24. Huge zits in your 30's are not sexy OR convenient. But they are atrocious. I'll give them that.

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#25. I have been thinking lately about how I wanted to have an 80's Party, but I waited too long, and now I would just have to call it a Wear-Your-Regular-Clothes Party. And that doesn't sound fun at all.
#26. Does hating new fashion trends mean I am old?
#27. This list is starting to depress me. I think that means I had better go to bed for reals.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely! Zits should not occur in our 30's. Sigh . . .they will most certainly not look attractive when we are 80.
Speaking of 80's I want to go to your party but I WILL have to buy a costume because I refuse to "be in style". Hating new fashions mean that we get IT. We no longer care what the world deems fashionable.