Monday, July 30, 2012

Relatively Speaking

I just got home from a family reunion.

I am related to most of the best people in the entire world, by the way.

Which is both comforting and disconcerting.

On one hand, I feel like the underachieving runt of an overachieving extended family.

On the other, I feel renewed hope in my ability to conquer anything. Maybe everything.

I mean, whether or not it looks like it, my genes and theirs have some common denominators. Which means that there is the slight possibility of greatness in these here veins. Somewhere. Maybe.

And that thought has me feeling like I have been wasting a lot of time not being amazing, and maybe I'd better get myself together and accomplish something.

I am not the person I could be.

I will do better.

And also, my hair is too short.

(did I mention I got it cut again last week? twice?)


Anonymous said...

By the time I read this I'm sure your hair has grown but for the record - I like your hair!