Monday, August 6, 2012

Between My Ears

Did I ever mention that time I made a big mistake?

Like $65,000 big. Which may not seem big to you, but for us humble commoners, it's pretty big.

It all turned out just fine, thank goodness, but it gave me nigh unto a heart attack for a couple days.

So, what did I do when I made a $4K mistake last week?

Nothing. Except kick myself really hard in the shin and worry about it every time I tried to fall asleep.

I hate stuff like that. And I think I might do stuff like that more often than is acceptable.

As of a few minutes ago, it is all cleared up.

But it left me feeling like even more of a dork than usual.

So I come to you for comfort.


Please tell me you have made more than one really stupid mistake in your life.

And no one has threatened to hospitalize you.

Because it's perfectly normal.

Cause I am really, really wondering about myself lately.


Stephanie said...

You need to pick your bookies more wisely.

My big mistake was made mid-October last year at the car dealership. I didn't ask it any of the work was covered under warranty. IT WAS!!!! I kind of hold the service men a little responsible, though, because they should have asked if my car was under extended warranty, right!?!

Anonymous said...

So if buying my house counts I made a $xxx,xxx mistake - lol!