Friday, August 31, 2012


Today I got old.

All three of my children were gone for 7 hours. To school.

I had been dreading this day. Not for freedom's sake (c'mon, who doesn't look forward to this day with some amount of excitement?), but for the fact that it was the end of a life chapter. And also because I feel a tremendous, anxiety-inducing weight shift called, "now someone might expect me to contribute to society and be productive." As I drove off, I looked over and watched my new Kindergartener sandwiched between his sisters, holding onto their hands for dear life, and I had to choke back tears.

I contemplated this dawning of a new era, and I felt powerless and sad. For several 20 mph miles.

Then, like magic, a good song came on the radio right as the speed limit changed to 50 mph, and I felt something unexpectedly euphoric course through my veins.

I actually cheered. Outloud. Like this:


*(and a little sky punch)*

Then I remembered that I left the house in my pajamas, sans bra, hat over greasy bedhead, slippers on my feet. And I put my hands on ten and two, fast as lightening.

Cause, man, new eras are not a good time to get in a wreck.

Or worse, pulled over on a road teeming with people taking their kids to school.

Anyway, I think I'm going to like old.

I'm pretty sure it's the new young.


Stephanie said...

Wes starts Tuesday. He's thrilled; I'm a wreck!

Kimi Lou said...

I was excited to see Fallon be SO ecstatic about her first day of Kindergarten and it was fun to watch her get on the bus, wave a sign-language "I love you" (as is our tradition), then meet her bus at school, take a photo or 20, walk her to her classroom and watch her walk in with so much 5-year-old confidence. HOWEVER, dropping Stilman off at the doors to Preston High School was another matter entirely! He was excited and confident as well, but I wasn't! I bawled all the way home.
A new era.
Wish we lived closer so we could celebrate together a little every day.

Christy said...

I have been thinking about that moment for the last few months...thinking are we really done having kids?? YES we are. BUT I just can't imagine that moment. It will be here in 2 years... When they are all in school and then what do I do with myself?! Maybe I will just keep holding my kids back every year, so it will give me a few more years at home with them. ;) I am sure it will be a great time and a sad time.

Anonymous said...

That is why I don't have children. They make you old. But then yesterday I looked in the mirror and my face looked old so my plan didn't work.