Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Me

Today's list is brought to you by the numbers 13 - 19.

#13. I eat ice cream while curled up in a corner of my bedroom in front of a space heater. Doesn't everyone?
#14. I am fascinated by the English language. It is both infuriating and awesome that 'space heater' could mean a heater used to warm a small room; or a NASA-esque project meant to protect the solar system from a universal ice age; or a futuristic, yet affordable device that produces heat in such an extraordinarily unfathomable fashion, that you can't even fathom it.
#15. I got my hair cut short about 7 weeks ago, and haven't gone public with it yet (which just means I haven't posted pictures). I'm waiting until I get an offer I can't refuse from a famous enough magazine. Or just a curious reader of my blog to demand it. Or for it to grow back out. Whichever happens first.
#16. I feel very uncomfortable with theatrical performances. Yesterday in the parade, a local theater troop acted out scenes from their current productions as they walked the route. I wanted to hide, it was so embarrassing.
#17. I get more embarrassed in behalf of other people than I do for myself. It keeps me pretty busy. Which is why I don't have time to accomplish anything productive.
#18. Before I designated an entire Pinterest board to them, I regularly stumbled upon pins that were so atrocious that I needed desperately to make fun of them. Now I can't seem to find anything ridiculous enough to warrant a repin. Sad.
#19. Much like every other summer I haven't been pregnant, I am so happy I am not pregnant! I am the Pollyanna of pregnancy. It is the one thing, no matter what is happening in my life, that I can (almost) always be thankful for: not being pregnant.

These lists still amuse me, so I shall declare them good and demand an encore.

Tomorrow, perhaps?


Emily said...

Post a pic of your new hair! I demand it!

#16 & 17: Yes, yes.

Off to check your Pinterest boards. Looking forward to more lists about you!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm. . .are you sure about #19? I agree w/Emily. Post your hair pic please!