Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This morning as the kids were leaving for school, Sylas remembered some homework he hadn't done, and he started to get upset.

I told him to relax.

Then I thought about that while I went about my morning, and decided I am an idiot. And a hypocrite.

I doubt my children have a working definition for "relax".

Heaven knows they've never seen me do it.

And the only time they hear the word is when I yell it at them.

Even if they understood what a "relax" is, telling someone to do it is about as useless as the package of floppy disks I just found and gave to D.I.

If you could tell someone into relaxation, I'd be the Easy Going Champion of the World by now.

But I'm not.

Sometimes my failure runneth over.

And over.


Sharlee said...

Oh, sista, you are too wordy-cute for words. I have thought the same thing many times about giving my children advice that I don't follow. It's so FUN (and confusing) being the mom in charge.

Kimi Lou said...

Boo, you really ARE too hilarious for words! Shar is right. I think the same thing every time I yell at my kids to "BE NICE!!" or "STOP YELLING!", or "BE QUIET!" or wonder why they can't just stop giving each other nitpicky feedback about every little thing that happens all day long. -Example. Example. Example. I love you and think you're great -if that helps anything?